Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous FRIDAY **FINDS**!! -- PART 1

YES, that's Right -- PART 1!

And, "WHY?" You ask...? Well, because there were a LOT of Them! So, I'm doing some Today, and the REST will probably be on SUNDAY. I'd do it for Tomorrow, but SATURDAYS are usually FULL of Other Sensational Stuff!

However, I will give You this Tidbit - "BOXES"... Actually, I still have to Photograph the Largest One... Might even have to take a Couple of Pics of IT...

As for Today's Grouping... It's "ART". -- sort of...

Okay... So, by NOW, You're ALL wondering, "WHAT" is the epic TALE on ALL of This, huh? -- Right.. Well, sit back, get comfy, and I'll TELL You!

For Starters, The SUN came OUT Today! -- Always, a GOOD Sign! 

And, The PLAN for the Day - according to MOTHER:

  • - Get Groceries at one particular Store
  • - Return HOME for Our Lunch and FATHER's [*Who* was SUPPOSE to STAY Home]
  • - Load up Car with ITEMS to "DONATE" for the GLOUCESTER EMERGENCY FOOD CUPBOARD ANNUAL YARD SALE - [Which is Tomorrow.]
  • - DROP off Donations, BEFORE 4PM!
  • - Check out The OTHER Items There...

Yeah... Uh-huh...

I was about 6 minutes from heading OUT the Door, WHEN... FATHER "Decides" that HE *wants* to take MOTHER to do the Groceries! -- I won't get into the resulting "discussion" between the Elderly PARENTAL-UNITS on THAT Matter... BUT, suffice to say, the Loading of the Vehicle and the REST of The PLAN, began around 2:30ish.

Ahh... It's soo nice to be the ONLY Ones checking out a Place FULL of STUFF - BEFORE - a Sale!

MOTHER collected a large Bag of assorted YARN for $5. While, I sought out OTHER Items of Interest.. Such as, a lovely Assortment of BOXES, a couple of which contained other Treasures!
-- As I said, MORE on Those on SUNDAY!

The GREAT Part is, I got Them and the BELOW Items, *ALL* for ONLY $15.!! -- I still have to do a bit of "Research", but I do believe, a few of These Items *are* Antiques... Bottomline, I *definitely* GOT My Money's WORTH!

So.. PART 1 of The TOUR...

Black on White CERAMIC TILE - Made in Germany - 20x10cm. "The Rhine River". -- Look! BOATS!

Oh, and I am SOOOOO Loving THESE! "Limited Edition", expertly framed, 10x10in, decorative TIN TILES from the Late 1800s - according to the LABEL on the Back - from TIN HOUSE DESIGNS. Originally part of a General Store in Broomhill, Manitoba.

I was just looking at Their Price List... They don't have This Size listed, but the 10x14in goes for $85. and These appear to be in the
"Special Order" Flat Black Frame-Finish! -- Do the Math!

I don't know Who "donated" These -- but, THANK YOU!! -- Oh, I just noticed on the TIN HOUSE DESIGNS Site, that They'll be in Ottawa for the ORIGINALS Craft Show in December... I'll have to CHECK Them out!

Meanwhile, We'll be heading back for the "Actual" YARD SALE in the Morning... There were a few PACKED Boxes that We never did get a chance to Browse through... Anyway, REMEMBER - PART 2 - of Today's FINDS will be on SUNDAY's Post!


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