Wednesday, September 15, 2010

...Mauve-ing Right Along...

BTW... Something occurred to Me earlier, as I was reviewing My BLOG STATS...

I DO hope that NONE of You were bored silly enough Yesterday, to go and DIAL that PHONE NUMBER - [1-900-TRAFFIC] - I posted...?  As, I have absolutely NO idea IF it's REAL or NOT?! Because, IF You DID, and get dinged with a Charge... Then, "YOU BAD!" - *not* ME!!

Anyhoo, another BORING Day... Did some needed Cyber-"Paperwork". And, some i-Surfing, in search of Subject Matter for Today. That was somewhat futile... 

I had HOPED, that My October Issue of CANADIAN HOUSE & HOME would show up Today...?  But, NO Luck there, EITHER! In fact, It SHOULD have arrived OVER a Week ago! -- Gave THEM a Call.. If the Postal Gods are with Us, a NEW Copy ought to be IN My Mail Box some time NEXT Week!

Meanwhile, I dug into My "BACKUP BLOOG BOX" - where I keep Potential Blooging material of ANY "interest" that I come across.... - THANK YOU, TWITTER!!

IDEAL HOME - UK seems to have a fondness for TWEETING Pics of Their previously Published
"Rooms"... And, seeing as I've been Working with - as well as Mentioning - a variety of Things PURPLE for the last little while, I thought that I would do "something" with THIS Photo....

I've matched it up with My BLANKET - "LILACS". Done in LILAC, MAUVE, and MAUVE-TWIST [the Strands are a Mix], with TAN in the Border Trim.


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