Tuesday, September 7, 2010

..Vining Away My Time...

GOT Thunder lurking about Outside right NOW. It's a good thing that I'm on a Laptop, huh? So, I'm gonna be Short and Quick with the Post again Tonight. -- Only have SO much BATTERY. And, I just KNOW, that We'll probably have a Power Flux or Whatever - WHEN - I don't need it!

My Money is on, "when" I'll be IN the Shower, doing My Hair!

Anyhoo, just going to give You Guys a TEASER Pic on that LAVENDER / MARINER MAUVE "MOA-BOA" Scarf that I had started LAST Week! I still have to take some DAYlight shots of It to properly - or, close enough, thereof - GET the Purples RIGHT! I used the Flash, but It's still too VIOLET! The "Border" on the INSERT [taken withOUT a Flash, INdoors] in the Photo, is about as CLOSE as I can get to the REAL Colour!

Well, I've GOT to get BACK to My Other CROCHETING - Those WASHCLOTHS *don't* make Themselves!!


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  1. Oooh! Washcloths...that's something I haven't crocheted in a long time. I've been doing this recycling of cotton tshirts into cotton "yarn" and I think it would work great. Fantastic. One more thing to try and fit into my day!!


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