Saturday, September 4, 2010


WHILST My SISTER was dealing with a slightly closer [She's in New Brunswick] relationship with a Hurricane named EARL, We were experiencing a minor taste of it's furthest reaches. Sunny periods, a variety of cloud formations, sporadic showers, and erratic wind GUSTS. But, hey, at least it was Cooler!

Which probably, explains the seemingly GPS-challenged Flock of GEESE We encountered earlier in the Day... There We were, trolling Our regular Yard Sale Hunting Grounds, when this [100 plus] Squadron of LOW flying CANADA GEESE crossed in FRONT of Us!

They were headed NORTH, and were on Their FINAL Landing Approach to the Ottawa River - a couple streets over.... You could tell - They were about 30 feet up with Their Full FLAPS and Landing Gear LOCKED! Needless to say, I slowed the Car to let Them PASS, as They some times have a tendency to DUMP Their excess "Fuel"...

Anyway, I think the Yard Sale "SEASON" is beginning to shut down. We only went to a few Sales and "pickings" weren't all that exciting. I spent 25 Cents on the Pale Yellow TIN PAIL in the BELOW Pic. And, at that SAME place, MOTHER purchased a set of 9 Ceramic Drawer Knobs for $2. to give to SISTER.

We cut Our scavenging losses, to proceed with Our other regular Saturday exploratory Mercantile Missions... With the briefest of stops at one additional Yard Sale - "slightly" along Our ROUTE - the First Stop was WALMART. Only got a few Sale grocery items, had a brief, yet enchanting conversation with "JOE", my rather strapping and handsome Checkout Clerk.. OH! And, They had CAKE again!


Next stop - MICHAEL'S. Where I picked up the Fake LEATHER LETTERS for Half Price. The Blacks Ones are for PRINCESS PRE-TEEN and Her MOM+BUMP [who has this BLACK Decor thing going on]. Guess which One I'm keeping?!

Across from There, is The SUPERSTORE. They have a Large JOE FRESH Section! Picked up a few REALLY on Sale T-Shirts. AND, the PINK TOTE BAG in the Pic!

Actually, I got 2 Pink ones and 3 LIME GREEN ones. They're only a Dollar each! Which is what I PAY, for the heavy Plastic GIFT BAGS that I use when selling My BLANKETS at Craft Shows. Most of Those are Seasonal and I don't have many for the BABY Blankets... These TOTES are "Mommy"

When We came out of THERE, the Weather had picked up a bit. Light Rain, but the Wind was gusting it. I think the Car got a good washing on the Left Side...

Decided to head back toward Our Local Shopping area. MOTHER wanted to go to FABRICLAND. We really haven't been there for a while... Found THIS Cotton REMNANT. The LAST Yard on the Bolt! A little Something to ONE DAY, go with My BLUE/WHITE "CHINA" Collection...

Also, picked up a bunch of On Sale RIBBON spools... I have Something in mind to do with My WASHCLOTHS... And that new YELLOW PAIL, would fit right IN!

Then, it was THE MALL Visitation...With a quick Hi to TICKET WICKET GUY. And finally, HOME!


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