Sunday, September 26, 2010


AH... My FAIRY-TWIN! - Because, We were Born in the SAME Year and share many a THING
"Stitchy" and "Brit" and entertainingly "Strapping"!! - hehe! -- Right NOW, I just KNOW that She's sporting a mischievous and lustful GRIN! And, let's NOT forget the maniacally-magical WAND Twirl...

Anyhoo... HAPPY B-DAY, LUV! Hope that the FAIRY-DUST was getting into *Everything*!!


BTW, forgot to mention Yesterday... Remember that SEWING BOX from "FABULOUS" FRIDAY...? Well, I spotted ANOTHER one at that FALL FLEA MARKET. It was the EXACT same "model", half hidden under a Table... However, the OUTER Veneer was in NEED of much "work" AND, the HANDLE was Detached! And, despite ALL of its dubious "condition", They were asking $45. for it!? -- At THAT Price, I'd HIDE it *under* a Table too!

In the Meantime, the Wear & Tear of Yesterday's "Adventures" have caught up to Us! Earlier, We were trying to figure out exactly how MUCH "Walking" did We DO..? And then, there was all the tonnage that I was schlepping! -- I actually noticed this Morning, those deceptively "small" Boxes of Pasta... they were a POUND each!! Little wonder that I felt as if I were hauling Bricks ALL Day!

And, don't even GET Me started on the FOUR - on SALE - $1.44 [plus Tax each6-FEET wide LAWN UMBRELLAS [with Poles] that MOTHER purchased Yesterday at THE MALL! As well as, some Wooden SHELVING UNIT - for the same Price... And a HEAVY bag of "Other" Stuff!

BTW, FYI - the Shopping Carts from THAT particular Store, *WON'T* go to Our Parking Lot of CHOICE!  So, YES, I had to make TWO Trips to the Car and back!

WHATEVER!! ...Enough, of My PAST Exploits. Time now, for NEW Ones!

I'm beginning a "Little" SECRET "Project"... With LUCK, I hope to have IT complete within the next 4 Weeks - barring any unforeseen "complications". In any case, IT will be TIME intensive. THAT said... be WARNED that DURING this Time, I "may" HAVE TO keep My DAILY Posts on the SHORT boring side and perhaps, even SKIP a Day!  I'll TRY not too, but I can't promise that it won't Happen...

However, IN the event that I DO - apologies! Although, ONCE the Project is complete and ALL
"Mysteries" are revealed, I'm sure that You'll understand My "Reasons". - Until THEN, here's a TEASER of the YARN that I'll be using... BUBBLE-GUM, PASTEL, MILKBLU, PALE YELLOW, and LAVENDER. [The INSERT is closer to Actual Shade!]


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