Thursday, September 30, 2010


IMAGINE Our surprise this Morning, when We heard 3 Big Trucks parking in Front of the House... Hmm... COULD it *finally* be The TREE GUYS..?

[SEE - 21JULY2010 Post for the BACK STORY of The TREE..]

Well, let's see... They're blocking Our Laneway. All are wearing bright VESTS, sitting together in one of the Trucks, enjoying each other's "company"... The Vehicles have these huge Boom Thingies on them... And, it's drizzling outside... YEP! Definitely, The TREE GUYS!

About 20 minutes LATER, They all pile out and started to do Their
"Thing"! On the RIGHT, it was the WOOD-CHIPPER TRUCK, and on the LEFT, the "CANADA" CLAW... Inbetween, was CHAIN-SAW GUY and, an assortment of DEBRIS COLLECTORS, with the SAFETY GUY.

Personally, I think They could have used a TRAFFIC GUY too. At least, when the rather HEAVY Tree Limbs were swaying away - OVER - the Road! As, it's amazing that there were so many STUPID People DRIVING BY, *when* this was happening. It's NOT that WIDE of a street! Fortunately, CLAW GUY was VERY Adept at His Job!

I was observing the 10-minute, or so, proceedings from INside the Front Door. Although, much of My viewing was obstructed by a Bush. Meanwhile, MOTHER had ventured out with Her camera to document the Event - from the other angle.

I have to say, it really was COOL to Watch! And, considering the rather CLOSE proximity of The CHUCKY TREE, I was quite amazed as to HOW, It had managed to survive the surrounding Adventure - UNSCATHED! Because, there were a few "close calls"...

Soon enough, They were tidying up the Lawn [FATHER questioned Their use of SHOVELS in the Raking of the area...] and then off, down the Street to plunder more bug-infested lumber.

Hey! We can SEE across the Street now!


Today, is also My youngest Niece's Birthday - PRIVATE TAT-BABE! She's a Member of The CANADIAN ARMED FORCES -- Actually, I think She may be around 6th Generation in doing so, on Her Dad's side... Anyway, despite Her own "gifted" inherent Artistic skills, She prefers to WEAR
"ART" rather than produce it.

She looks like She just walked off a Magazine Cover! Add in the Fact, that She's also been trained to USE a BIG GUN - She literally IS a "RECRUITMENT" POSTER GIRL!!


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