Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trolling Amongst the BIG Fish...

ANOTHER gorgeous Autumn Day... Sunny, cool - *Perfect* - for having Yard Sales! At least, One would think... Apparently, NOT so many did! -- Hate that...

And, what's with ALL the SQUIRRELS that keep crossing in FRONT of Us?! ...Mostly BLACK ones - You'd think that they were CATS, or something! [FYI - The OTTAWA Area has the Highest Population of Black Squirrels in North America - or so, I've heard...]

Speaking of "Creatures" in the MIDDLE of the Road...!  I *WISH* that Yard-Sale-RUBBER-NECKERS, would PLEASE ***NOT*** "PARK" their vehicles THERE! Especially, on a well-used Street, just BELOW a Hill Rise! GGRRRRRRRR!!!

So. On to SALES with more spacious available "Parking"...

At one of the Better ones, We actually picked up a few Items... MOTHER was doing "Group" - [don't ask...] - haggling over 2 Mini-Food Processors with the 3 Women running the Operation. She eventually, bought them both for a total of $5.

Meanwhile, for a Dollar, I got the BELOW, Embroidery Kit. The Screen Canvas is for a "Sampler", of which I really don't care about, as I would use the lovely Belgian Linen for something Else! However, the FLOSS is certainly worth the Price. And, as it turned out, This was the ONLY Y.S. Purchase I made Today.

MOTHER, was somewhat more successful in Her Acquisitions... A rather nice Child's SEWING MACHINE for $3. It only does a few simple stitches, but that's all Anyone REALLY needs! THAT, I believe - IF it WORKS properly - will likely be going to PRINCESS PRE-TEEN. -- Seeing as She's just learned to SEW and doesn't have a machine at Her Place.

MOTHER also, bought a "CAT" CAKE PAN at that location - however, has since, regretted in NOT acquiring another Boxed-Set of other Specialty Cake PANS that were only for $5. There's sure to be grumbling about *that*, ALL Week!

Then, it was the obligatory Stop at That Neighbourhood Mall and a quick run through the SALLY ANN. We had skipped the Store last week. This was Where, I purchased the ABOVE little FISH Condiment Bowls.  -- For My "Fish Collection"... And, they have a simple, yet interesting Design in their Texture...


Afterward, on the way OUT of That Area, we headed to a MOVING OUT Sale over in the "Ritzy" Section. This particular Neighbourhood contains quite a few "Million Dollar" Homes... And the Sale, was at one - of a handful - which was located in a "Court".

You could almost smell the "REALITY-SHOW-SOAP-OPERA-WAITING-TO-HAPPEN"!!

We only got to see the Inside of the large Double-Garage and a lower level "Workshop" - MOTHER has a Thing for Power Tools... Whatever, we didn't buy anything. There were a few,
"nice" things, but over-priced for this type of Venue... And the rest, was gaudy. But, most of the Power Tools were rather tempting... Too bad, that We don't have a Workshop. I could really get AUNTIE "CLAUS" in no Time!

Discreetly, We slipped out of The Court and headed off for Groceries. We kept that task to the Local haunts, ending with THE MALL. MOTHER had COOKIES to delivery to TICKET WICKET GUY and CINDERIA.

Hmm... I had forgotten about The COOKIES... Think I'll go grab a couple, and THEN, Post THIS!


[TODAY's Post is DEDICATED to *ALL* of THOSE SOULS Lost at The WTC.]

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  1. Hello dear love the fish bowls, where are the fish????confused??hehe take care tinkx


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