Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fabulous FRIDAY **FINDS**!! - Part 2

As Promised... BOXES!

I did a bit on fast & dirty "research" on THESE first Two "Tobacco" oriented Containers. This "TURMAC"
- [TURKISH-MACEDONIAN TOBACCO COMPANY]- is a Hinged Lidded Tin Box. 12x15cm - in good condition.

The BELOW 12x12cm Wooden Box is nicely "Pyro" Engraved and Hand-Painted. Inside the Lid is a STAMP MARK from "TABSO" - The Bulgarian Airlines... I suspect that THIS is Decades OLD!

The BOX contained a large assortment of BUTTONS! The Ones in the Pic are just a small Sample of the Collection.

BELOW, is a PORTABLE SEWING BOX - an OLDER One! You can tell by HOW the MAKER did His utmost to keep the Wood Grain consistant. Also, the good Dove-Tailing. BTW, I'm NOT "certain", but the Outer WOOD "may" possibly be OAK. Feels heavy enough to be! And I believe, the Straps and Legs do look like Quarter Oak...?

I really *should* LEARN My "WOODS" - My British Paternal Grandfather was a MASTER Wood-Worker and is probably "rolling in His Grave" at My IGNORANCE!

Anyhoo...the INSIDE was spotless! Those THREADS were from another Cardboard Box. -- I have this OTHER "LIFE-LONG" Project that I'm doing, which involves *many* MILES of THREAD... Meanwhile, the OUTSIDE could probably do with a good "Cleaning" Polish... I certainly wouldn't want to "Refinish" it - would RUIN the Patina!

Oh, and that's the Top of the BUTCHER-BLOCK that I bought Yesterday.

I spent a bit of Time Today looking over those PAINT SAMPLE Cards and Brochures that I picked up Yesterday... Some rather awesome Photography going on in a few of them, AND a LOT of Putting-It-On-My-LOTTERY-List Furniture!

As for the actual PAINT COLOUR "COMBOs"... Most, were rather "inspiring", however, there were quite a few that I found to be somewhat considerably "questionable"...?

Then again, deep down, I suspect that Those SELECTIONS are in Fact a Marketing "Strategy". Designed to convince enough People that Such&Such PAINT-COMBO is "THE" *HOT* TREND - They "Buy" into it, then SOON get BORED and/or wonder at WHAT *were* They THINKING! And, then go Back and BUY *MORE* Paint!!

Welcome, to GLOBAL MARKETING ECONOMICS 101 - Consumer "Hypnosis"!!

Oh, and so You should "Know"... I *may* actually HAVE the YARN to Match!! [Shameless Product "PLUG" - 101]


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