Monday, September 20, 2010


SO. The "Kid" SISTER has put another Year under Her Belt.. HA! Already BEEN There, AGED through THAT! -- But, then again... She HAS been dealing with the Newly "Retired" HUBBY and the "Problematic" PROGENY! ..I suppose, at the end of the Day, the Elderly PARENTAL-UNITS really *aren't* THAT "Troublesome"... MOST of the Time...

Meanwhile, I thought I'd "Celebrate" the DAY with a smattering of "DESIGN"... And, I wanted Something for TODAY'S Post that would be SIMPLE. SHORT. NOT Time "Consuming"!


You know, going over "CODE" - when You really DON'T "know" it - truly, IS a PAIN! Hopefully, THIS will end up looking half decent... I've got TWO *NEW* TV Shows to WATCH Tonight!!

Have I mentioned the Part about NOT having Watched ANY Evening TV in MONTHS..?!!

YEP! -- What can I say... "REALITY" - slash - "TALENT-less" Programming, just DOESN'T *DO IT* for Me!

ANYWAY... to get Back ON Subject... I've come up with THESE 3 PATTERNS for Both SIZES of My BLANKETS. A couple of THEM were DESIGNS that I've noticed around in OTHER Places during the last Week or so. In fact, the "PINHOLE" One... After spotting It the FIRST time and thinking that It would be "worthy" of Using, I spotted It AGAIN... ON A BATHROOM FLOOR!

Definitely, a "SIGN" from The DESIGN GODS!!

"5x7 CANE HUG" -------------------------------------- "6x8 CANE HUG"

"5x7 PINHOLE" -------------------------------------- "6x8 PINHOLE"

"5x7 TWIST WEAVE" -------------------------------------- "6x8 TWIST WEAVE"


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