Saturday, September 25, 2010

DAY of the DAMES...

WE did a LOT of WALKING Today!! I now believe that I have a promising Career as a SHERPA in My NEXT Life!

For some reason, neither I, or MOTHER managed to get ANY Sleep last night - and then, We were up and out the Door EARLY! -- FIRST STOP, in Our Neighbourhood a couple of streets over. This was where I acquired this rather quaint little 6-inch TELESCOPE - $2. As well as, the Screen TIN BOX for 50 Cents. Large enough to hold Standard sheets of Paper...

NEXT up, the CHURCH BAZAAR - I mentioned Yesterday... It OPENED at 9am - We were about 15 Minutes EARLY! At least, I got GREAT Parking!

I picked up the BELOW Pieces of COTTON FABRIC there - a DOLLAR Each.

Also for a DOLLAR, I found the ABOVE Ceramic SERVING PLATTER. Very HEAVY! And, LARGE. About 18 Inches or so... A little awkward to carry around, but, "pretty"... -- Oh, and the AMETHYST GLASS, that "Story" comes Later!

We had a SCHEDULE to keep - needed to GET to LANSDOWNE PARK by 9:30! DESPITE, the varied moments of TRAFFIC along the Route, We finally ARRIVED!

The NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW attacts a HUGE Crowd! I estimated around 400 or so Women were ALREADY in Line ahead of Us. -- Instructed MOTHER to queue up, whilst I headed to the TICKET BOOTH... I actually managed to get that done AND catch up to Her - BEFORE - She GOT to the END of the Line!

So. A few Words regarding said Stationary Procession of People...

You know, it's really NOT advisable to BRING Young Children/Infants TO this Event. Especially, at THIS particular Location. The PRESS of Humanity INSIDE in the Morning is extremely OVER-WHELMING! And, STROLLERS are a Hazard!

I was also, "surprised" at how MANY Women were SMOKING in Line! I'm so used to the abundance of NON-Smoking Areas, that I was actually taken aback at observing SO many People "Lighting Up" throughout the Day, whenever They exited the Building!

And, YES... one of the Women, in FRONT of Us put away at least THREE Cigarettes - UP wind! As well did, the Young Mother BEHIND Us - with Her happy 3-Month-Old!

ONCE, We got INTO the Building, the next TWO-plus HOURS, were spent...

  • Drilling THROUGH the Pulsating MASS of Estrogen-Based Lifeforms, whilst Shielding MOTHER.
  • Not LOSING MOTHER when She would get caught in the Undertow.
  • COLLECTING as much FREE Stuff as We could.
  • Trying NOT to MAIM Anyone with My Backpack.
  • Keeping track of ALL of the BAGS.
  • Getting PAST the Sudden Muscle SPASM under My Left Shoulder!!
  • NOT going DEAF, from the STAGE "Performances".
  • Seeing how MANY small FREE Bags of POTATOES I could lug about.

I "think", it was around NOONish when We headed to the Car to DUMP the "First" LOAD!

Oh. Look. Some *%$&$$# SEAGULL "Dumped" Its LOAD down My Driver-side WINDOW!

I left IT until LATER! I was in more dire need of "relaxing" and having a Bite to EAT! -- I binged on some of Our FREEBEES... That CHOCOLATE SOYA MILK really DID hit the Spot!

NEXT on the ITINERARY... The FALL FLEA MARKET going on in the Other Building. Spent almost an hour There... Found a couple of intriguing Items that I ALMOST bought, however, I only had so much Cash on Me. And then, there's that Naggy little Part about whether I really NEEDED Them..

Anyhoo, AFTER My "Power-Browse", I settled for the ELEVEN and beautifully pristine - AMETHYST DRINKING GLASSES! -- Originally Priced at $25. for the SET, the pleasantly engaging Vendor offered Me a Price of $18... - considering My "Interest", yet hesitant "Need" for said Temptation.

Told Her, that I still had more LOOKING around to do, BUT, would SERIOUSLY contemplate on the Matter...

Meanwhile, at the END of My Explorations, I ran into a CRAFT SHOW Acquaintance We chatted and "Networked" for a spell as I waited for MOTHER to catch up to Me. Informed Her that I had decided to GET the GLASSES.

Long-Story-Short... Ended up GETTING Them for $15.!! [Happy Dance!!]

And there I was, hauling another HEAVY Load to the Car!

Had another small Bite to Eat. Sorted out the Trunk. MOTHER insisted on DOING the Window... Then, off We were again - This time - to Battle TRAFFIC! We STILL had a short trip to COSTCO and afterward, THE MALL yet ahead of Us. Both, were uneventful Destinations...

Needless to say, the Day's ACTIVITIES were quite fatiguing in the end, despite the "Enjoyment"!
-- HERE's a Pic of SOME of the NWS "BOOTY". MINUS, the 7 "Half-Pound" Bags of BABY POTATOES, the 9 Boxes of PASTA, the Dozen Packets of SUNFLOWER BUTTER...

BTW... FAIRY-T - If You're READING  this Right NOW - **HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!**

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