Friday, September 10, 2010

Twinkle, Twinkle...

THIS, is what happens, when I tell the "BABIES" to POSE for the Camera! The next thing You know, They'll want Their own "Reality Show"! -- I can't wait to TELL Them, that They'll soon be
"Soaking In IT"!! [..Maniacally, She says, twirling Her HOOK!]

So, Today's "Big" news... It's looking like the CRAFT SALE that I'm doing at THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH [SEE SIDEBAR], is expanding. Apparently, They've added on an extra Small Room for about 8 or so more Vendors.

And, with that new found opportunity, Our Neighbour cross the street - MADAME Q - has decided to JOIN in, on the Crafty Fray!

She's a GOOD Friend of Our's, as well as an accomplished Artisan. Her primary Skill is HAND-QUILTING. And,
she also teaches SEWING Night Classes on the Side. SHE, MOTHER,
and Myself often share CRAFT Tables, and many other varying Interests...

BTW, have I mentioned... She's ALSO a "CAT PERSON"?!!

And I am sooo NOT!   But These FELTED CREATURES of Her's really ARE CUTE!!

Anyhoo, I'm still hoping that We will be able to Double-Table this particular SALE. However, at the moment, it's looking like She'll be in the New Room... Hmm.. We may have to SWAP some of Our respective Merchandise to broaden Our "Marketing"...


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