Sunday, September 12, 2010

Double-Dosing the VITAMIN-D!

I SHOULD  probably start this off with that Classic Line, "..It was a dark and stormy night..." -- Actually, it was more along the lines of drizzly rain, thick grey clouds, and just an outright dreary "DAY". Spent most of it Crocheting while viewing DVDs...

And, running a few Thoughts on a *possibly* New Blanket for My Holiday CRAFT SALES - IF, I can find the Time to squeeze It in between the Others that I still HAVE to DO...

I've mentioned before, about that "Lack-of-an-Exciting-Life" that I lead... Right? -- Well, Kids, WELCOME TO *MY* WORLD!  Buckle UP!! And, try NOT to break a Nail...

So, as previously promised, the ABOVE is a Full Pic of that Recently completed MOA-BOA - shot in semi-Daylight... It's still a PAIN trying to get the "Purples" to come OUT correctly!

Anyway, sorry for the SHORT-Read, again! But, I've GOT to get the FINGERS back to Their "DAY JOB"!


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