Monday, December 26, 2011

**NEWS FLASH**!! -- Middle-Aged Woman Spared From BOXING DAY MADNESS!!

Despite the early morning's enticement of sunny skies and warmer temperatures, as well as improved driving conditions, it has been surmised that it was quite likely the six-centimeters of last evening's snowfall that was believed to have been the deciding factor in saving a local woman from the crushing chaotic crowds of several BOXING DAY Sales.

"AUNTIE" SHAN, a needle-arts crafter and daily blooger, remarked that she was prepared to venture out amongst the throngs of holiday-shoppers today, until, she observered the snowed-in state of her laneway. She also noted, that considering the rise in temperature, immediate clearance was necessary to prevent any potential flooding.

(younger sibling of EDDIE)

Observing "AUNTIE's" shoveling endeavours from the comfort of their home, were several of her "children". When interviewed, the eldest, EDDIE - along with his friend, STEVE - both praised her efforts in completing their's and a neighbour's driveway in less time than the previous day. "...the lack of snow falling helped..."

An elderly resident of the home was said to have been disappointed in having to delay their shopping for another day.

Asked if she was dismayed by the turn of events, "AUNTIE" stated, "..not really. Actually, I've very likely saved myself considerable money by staying home. And, quite a bit of stress!"

Ms. SHAN planned to spend the evening resting with her yarn. Any future shopping expeditions would be dependent on developing weather conditions.



  1. Steve McSheep! LOVE! We raised sheep when I was young. Some of the best memories of my life.

  2. And we STILL do not have snow...I am so very sad.


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