Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today's BLOOG, Brought and Bought to Us By The Letter **B**!

BEGINNING with a BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT Day! - We'll *ignore* the light Overnight BRUSHING of Snow...

  • BEFORE the Shelves get to BE Ravaged BY the BOXING Day BUYERS at WALMART, I BOUGHT 2-BALLS of BERNAT Cotton YARN in what *I* Call "BUNNYBLU".
  • At MICHAEL'S, more BAKING-DISHES... I gave the last BUNCH to My NIECES. They were Marked Down even more!
  • I'm still Missing "LETTERS"... Should've gotten This "B" Last Week, when IT was On Sale! As well as a Few More that I was in Need of, BUT didn't Realize. They were gone...
  • Had a 50% OFF Coupon... went with the BIG BOYE KNITTING NEEDLES...
  • WooHoo! FREE Shopping BAGS at THE MALL!!

Despite, NOT Leaving The House until "Late", Horrid-Holiday-Hordes-of-Scary-Saturday-Shoppers weren't as Abundant as I had Expected... BONUS for Me!


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  1. I've not seen that kind of Bernat cotton yarn here! It looks yummy!


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