Friday, December 30, 2011



BTW, so that EVERYONE **KNOWS** -- I'm REALLY NOT all *that* FOND of "YEAR'S-END-START-ALL-OVER-AGAIN", *either*!!

...okay... I managed to do "some" needed VEGGING, Today. - At least, "Physically" any way - [Sock-Laundry doesn't Count!]... Although, "Mentally" - not so much... I've got Umpteen Things to Schedule FOR January. People to CALL...

It was also Last Stockmarket Day. Had "Numbers" to CRUNCH. Holdings to Re-Jig. New "Strategies" to Devise and Execute! -- "2011" was NOT a *good* "Fiscal" Year...

OH! AND, I "discovered" that I SHOULD have gone to VISIT One of My "INVESTMENTS-PEOPLE" OVER 2-WEEKS AGO!! - [I'm sure that the Notice that I was *suppose* to Get, actually DID Arrive - I just don't remember WHERE I put IT, *IF* IT did..]

Meanwhile... Temps went slightly UP - only so that IT could "snow"! Not a whole *Lot*. However, enough to ALMOST "Tempt" Me into going OUT! -- I held on to My Roots!! -- Of course, the Soon-To-Deteriorate Weather did NOT Prevent The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS from Venturing OUT!

[*sigh*] -- don't ask... It'll be *best* for Everyone, if You just *don't*... Trust Me...

Sooo...We've got scattered "LIGHT" - [yeah. right.] - Snow Flurries Overnight, mixed with FREEZING RAIN! Which, is suppose to CONTINUE for *most* of the Day..?? -- Depending on the Temps-Rain-MELT-"Ratio", I'm probably looking at a couple of Hours of CHOPPING for Tomorrow!!??

I've already **ADVISED** MOTHER, that Driving ANYwhere Tomorrow is NOT an Option!

NOTE-TO-SELF - Ask for FLAME-THROWER for upcoming Birthday...

hmm... I need a NEW "YARNY-PROJECT"...


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  1. Yes! Yarny Projects fix everything! Or at least make things a little more bearable!

    I'm thinking about picking one up simply to avoid getting started with my year end tax crap. Every year I say I am going to be better organized with the business stuff, and every year I end up with a pile of unsorted receipts and vendor pay stubs.

    So I think we just need to revisit the state of vegetable (as today is almost a holiday anyhow) yarn in hand and coffee or tea or cake in the other!


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