Thursday, December 8, 2011

Town on the YARN...


Shocking, huh?! -- Especially, on The Day that I have to Trek DOWNTOWN... But, *not* to Fear, the COLD WIND quickly quelled ANY Heliotropic "Warmth"!

Anyway. I *had* intended on Leaving the House a bit Earlier to take FULL Advantage of My
"Escape", however, an unexpected "Market"-Monetary-Moment slightly side-lined Me... My BAD.

Headed straight to DOWNTOWN via BUS. Was still running behind *My* Schedule, so I Walked the last Half-Mile. Needed the Exercise. Also, needed to pickup My Usual-Holiday-Gift-Box-of-Oranges
at the Local Grocer for the OFFICE that I "Visit"... Much LESS expensive than a "Card", and Healthier!

Mind You... I have "Noticed" that Those ORANGES, really *aren't* all that "Orange" any more..?!
-- Really, GUYS..? The "Orange-RED" netting covering the Boxes ISN'T *Fooling* Anyone!

AFTERward... It was the KNIT-KNACKERS "Pilgrimage"!

Appears that the BARGAIN TABLE has been "Harvested" by the "Seasonal"-Needle-Crafters of ALL of the *GOOD* 100% "natural-fiber" Items! -- I just ended up with The ABOVE...

The 2 "Charcoal"-ish Skeins are actually on the GREEN-side... The LEFT one is 80% COTTON and 20%
BABY-ALPACA. The OTHER, and "GREEN" one are MERINO. The "MUSTARD" Mini-Ball was a FREE Sample!

The Shiny Colourful ONE, a MERINO-SILK "Half & Half"... Personally, I'm not so fond of the "HOT-PINK" with the NAVY-GOLD Mix - however, I'm "thinking" that there might be a Skein of that
- [DISCONTINUED - soon to be SOLD-OUT, Get IT *NOW*]Recently-Acquired "JULIA Yarn" that will *WORK* with IT. -- MOTHER liked IT...

Meanwhile, the "Head" BRAINWASHING-STORE-BUNNY was somewhat pre-occupied with Chewing all of the heavy-Wicker Baskets at My Feet, hence, I was Spared from Her Monetary-Mind-Tricks!
-- Subsequently, I was left with *enough* "Budget" to "Power-Browse" at OLD NAVY later!

And, despite the Snail-Traffic in front of The PARLIAMENT BUILDINGS, being ON a Bus did allow Me the opportunity to View all of the Lovely Holiday LIGHTS! -- Was *very* Touristy!!


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