Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BOXING-DAY "WEEK" - Day-2 - ahh..What to Buy..?

WHY... BOXES!! Of course!! -- Lots and Lots of Boxes...

FATHER is always saying, "..buy Space! Buy Space!.." -- Well, I did. I just had IT "Gift-Wrapped" so IT couldn't escape!

With Overcast Skies and around the Freezing-Mark Temps, MOTHER and I headed for TRAINYARDS
Traffic was surprisingly "Normal" for a Semi-Holiday. I suppose that Those who didn't have to Work Today, were Home "Recovering" from Yesterday's Buying-Badness..? That, or still TRYING to figure out HOW to operate Their *new* Toys!??

So, MICHAEL'S was first on the Places-To-Be-LIST.

The Scrapbooking - [which I-DO-*NOT*-DO!!] - Storage BOXES were On SALE again. I use Them for Other Things... There were some nice AQUA and TEAL shaded Ones - between Us, We bought Several.

Got more RIBBONS. Some Flat-Clear BULBS that can be "stuffed"... A TINK-TIN for FAIRY-T! - [SEE ABOVE] - And, used a 50% OFF-COUPON to get another CIRCULAR-KNITTING-NEEDLE. Slightly smaller than the Last One. - Actually, the Shelves were "Emptied" of the Sizes that I *did* Want!

Meanwhile, I spent more Time helping this OLDER-GUY look for a DARNING NEEDLE for His Much-Older-Mother, who wanted to Mend some Socks... And, of course, He had NO Idea what ONE looked like! - I finally spotted Some... Hope IT's a proper size.

Left There, eventually... Then, it was across The COMPLEX over to BOWRING. Found These
- [ABOVE] - wonderful Dark PURPLE PLACEMATS! A Felted-Polyester, but I *loved* the Colour and They were only $1.95 Each! -- I have AMETHYST-GLASS DISHWARE and such that They will GO with. Someday...

Next, BOMBAY COMPANY -- It's been a while since I've been IN One. To be Honest, the "Quality" isn't what IT used to be... However, that didn't keep Me from Purchasing the Half-Price BLUE & WHITE "China" BALLS!

Managed to GET to the Other Side to check out BED, BATH & BEYOND.

hmm.. the 3rd "B"-Store
...I'm sensing a *Trend*?

Anyway, I didn't find as
much *cool* "Beyond" as I did Last Year...
Until, I happened upon
for 99-Cents a piece!
[LEFT] -
Bought a Dozen. Will be giving Half to SISTER, who just *Lives* to do
"THEME" Parties!

They're made of the Same Stuff as the Above Mats - just, slightly thicker. 18-Inches wide. Photographing the
"REDS" was difficult... The Proper Colours are MUSTARD, BURGANDY, RED, and Dark BROWN.

At last, We Braved Our way to WALMART! Actually, picked up a few Groceries There. As well as a Few Larger STORAGE BINS... I'm contemplating on using 2 of These for Next Year's Craft Shows...

It was getting Late, so We headed Homeward with a Detour to THE MALL... Whilst the Weather was *still* Holding! -- Some NASTINESS is ON the Way!

WHICH, started about a Half-Hour after We arrived! -- I hurried MOTHER along...

Despite, the Warmish Temps, We were being bombarded with Fist-sized Blobs of Wet-Giant-FLUFFY-SNOWFLAKES!! Made it HOME just before the Roads got too Slippery!

Temps are suppose to Drop again... Depending on what Melts, or DOESN'T Overnight, Conditions could end up being rather Dicey... There are Things I have to DO, Tomorrow - BUS-Taking is QUITE
Likely in My Future!



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