Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Off... **MERRY CHRISTMAS**!! ..Secondly, FIVE WORDS...


*WT????*!! -- FOR REAL??!! - [WHO are These Guys Bribing??!]

...I seriously Need to have a "Little" *TALK* with HEAD-ELF-BOY "regarding" His WINTER-Sporting-Equipment DISTRIBUTIONS!?!

"WHY??" -- Well... GUESS "WHAT" AUNTIE *Saw* out of the Front Window this Morning..? hmm?? - WHITENESS!! That's WHAT! -- Three-Plus Inches of "Powder" [waiting to turn to "Pack"] already on the Ground with MORE still coming Down!!

BTW, just so Everyone "KNOWS"... Almost TWO-Hours of SHOVELING. Was. NOT. "WHAT"! I. Had. Planned. To. Do. *ON*. Christmas DAY!! -- Bah! Humbug!!

A Good Thing that We didn't have "Plans" to GO *ANYWHERE* - "TODAY"! Huh?

...just saying...

Otherwise, there wasn't a whole Lot "Happening" around Here... Mostly Phone-Calling back and forth with various Family Members... FATHER enjoyed His POLAR BEAR Ornaments! - He brought Them to the Front Window to WATCH Me SHOVEL...

Vegging now - "while I CAN"! -- I think MOTHER has a "Notion" on Braving BOXING-DAY Badness over at MICHAEL'S Tomorrow!?! -- oh. joy...

Meanwhile, on a more UPbeat Note... HERE are The "KITTY" KIDS waiting for SANTA!



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