Sunday, December 4, 2011

ORTganizing about...

FOR "NOW", *My* CRAFT SHOW "DOing" is *OVER* for the SEASON! However, there's *still* TONS of STUFF yet for Me & The ELVES to COMPLETE *before* "The HOLIDAYS"!! -- OTHER Craft Shows to SEE, Stuff to MAIL Out, "REAL LIFE" to SORT out...

To be perfectly "Honest" - I really *hate* "This" Time of Year!! -- Seriously. Umpteen-gazillion Things HAVE-TO-BE-TAKEN-CARE-OF... In SEVERAL Locations! *ALL* at the SAME Time! And, of course, The EVIL WEATHER is always on Stand-by to *screw-up* Everything!

Meanwhile, Businesses and Offices that One suddenly NEEDS to be "Open", *AREN'T*! - yeah,
I know, They NEED to be "OFF", too! Which, I don't Blame Them for. -- BUT, then there's that whole BOXING-DAY-Psycho-Sale Situation! And, *don't* GET Me started on The TRAFFIC!!

...I mentioned The Weather, didn't I..? -- oh..okay..just checking..

Whatever.. The ONLY "Holiday" I want to *Celebrate* - IF I can FIND the *Time* - is SOLSTICE!
Primarily, because the Days will THEN be getting Longer!

As for TODAY... I tackled My Weekend Laundry and attempted to PLOT My *BATTLE PLANS* for the Coming Weeks! -- BTW, I'm strongly Suspecting that the Cavalry of CLONES and Ginormous LOTTERY WIN *WON'T* be showing up as "Backup" ANY Time SOON!!

SO, until THAT Holiday "Miracle" presents ITSELF, HERE are Pics of the Stuff that I picked up at MICHAEL'S the Other Week...

And, before Anyone "wonders"... YES, *despite* My Non-Religious "Beliefs", I *also* COLLECT
"Christmas" ORNAMENTS and TINS! Mostly Christmas Tins... -- "WHY"? Because, They're CUTE!
..and Crafty and Decorative... and, I *Can*!

Meanwhile, I'm putting Them to USE! -- For a while now, I've been wanting to SAVE My ORTS and Ends... Perhaps, do *something* USEFUL with Them at some Future Date. - I do have some CLEAR
BULBS that I could "stuff" with These Bits. Or, maybe, SPIN Them into some MIXED YARN..?

Otherwise, for the Moment, though, I'm going to keep the WOOL in one Tin, and My COTTON Bits in Another...


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  1. Did you know....

    The History of the Ort

    Orts are the tiny snippets of thread left over from sewing and embroidery. For many generations and in many cultures these bits of thread held great importance. On a base level, they represented a part of a resource (thread) that still had use as fire starter materials, stuffing, etc. But there was a higher significance as well. These were remnants of the spirit of the artists or crafts persons who used them. So, like hair or cast off clothes, orts gained a spiritual designation and were saved for special uses. They have been found in “Witch Jars” in Viking Era York and Colonial Era New England in both Pagan and Christian context. In Latin America, they are mixed in with the straw in the Christmas Manger Scene. Overall, they are considered to be lucky and full of positive energy.

    I fill jars full of mine and keep them around the house! I know. I'm weird. :D

    But know you aren't the only one who really isn't overly keen on this time of the year!!


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