Saturday, December 3, 2011

So, LONG Day... Thanks For All The QUIET Fish


It's amazing what a bit of SUNLIGHT can do for One's "Spirits"! IT was an absolutely gorgeous SUNNY Morning, despite the Frosty Crispness! ...And, the odd Patch of Ice. -- What a Great Day to go CRAFT SALE Shopping, huh??

Okay. The *New* Place - MAROCHEL MANOR - is more of a Palliative Care Residence, rather than just an "Assisted-Living" Home as was Last Week's Venue. Also, with way more STAFF and an Interesting Array of "Characters"... -- IT was considerably *less* Boring as well!

BTW, MOTHER was Ready ON-Time, so She came along... As it happens, We were the ONLY Real
"CRAFTY" People!

-- So We're "clear"... Non-*Designer* "BAKE Goods" in My Mind, don't really constitute as being a "Craft" per se. NOR, did the 3-Tables of "FLEA-MARKET-esque" Costume Jewelry and Other Stuff
- which, Everyone SWARMED over... Including, MOTHER!

Then again, Their Prices were pretty much Giving-It-Away-Cheap! Eventually, The SWARM slightly dissipated, moving over to The FOOD...

I stuck to *MY* Prices!

MOTHER ended up Selling a couple of Her HATS. I Sold some WASHCLOTHS, although, not as *many* as I would have liked... And, a SCARF! - With a "possible" Future BLANKET Order from that Customer too! - [hoping, hoping, hoping...]


Anyway... As Bright as Our TABLE "location" was, Traffic-"Safety"-wise, not so much!

All of the Tables had been placed JUST inside the Main Entrance, instead of Further into the more Spacious "Lobby" Area - as in Previous Years apparently..? -- Sooo, toss in a few Large Wheelchairs doing "The Swarm" - Traffic-Jams ensue!

Of course, had We been placed into the Lobby, We likely would have been *too* close to THE BIRDS! -- I never did go over to See "what" Kind They were. But, They sounded Annoyingly like Budgies?! -- The 4-TROPICAL-FISH in the large Aquarium, were MUCH more Pleasant and Calming!

We got HOME just as The BIG RED SUN before Us dipped below the Horizon... And, We turned Left into the Laneway.


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