Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Starting To Sound Like A *WEATHER*-Blooger, Aren't I..?


Okay. So. I *Won't* "mention" anything about how OTTAWA has just gone through the "Warmest-November-On-Record"! -- hmm... We seem to be Breaking a Lot of Meteorological-Records around Here This Year!

But, NO worries! I'll *spare* You from any "Re-cap"! -- However.. "so-You-know", We did have a Clear Sky Last Night, and I'm fairly Certain that I *saw* SUNLIGHT peeping through My Window-Blinds in the Early Morning... Although, there was NO Evidence of Such once I was out of Bed!
- could have been a Dream..?

Well... the GOOD NEWS - IT *didn't* RAIN!!

I've been Hearing "Rumours" of a spot of SNOW overnight... Then, some SUN by Afternoon as the Temps Drop! -- I *really* Hope that IT's a MINIMUM Amount! I still have My LAST Little CRAFT SALE to DO on Saturday - *don't* want to Strain My Back with *too* much Shoveling, possible ICE-Slipping, and Vehicle-Loading!

Meanwhile, I've Finished up with My Viewing of the "CAMELOT" DVDs -- It's a shame that IT didn't go Past 10-Episodes... I rather Enjoyed IT! ...oh, well... -- Whatever, I *also* managed to get a bit of "Creating" done with some of the LEFTOVER YARN from My Last 2 HATS...



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