Monday, December 19, 2011

"MONDAY" - The RE-Write...

..of YESTERDAY... - [SEE 18DEC2011 POST]

Seeing as I really "..don't have *A LIFE*...", I am oft times plagued with HAVING to Find and/or CREATE "SOMEthing" *Unique* to BLOOG-About on those CLONE-esque Sequences of Days, when there really ISN'T! -- sorta like Today..?.

The "Scenes" to be Changed from YESTEDAY'S "Episode"...
  • NO SUN! Crappy Weather ALL Day! - [NOTE-TO-SELF: Redo Backgrounds]
  • Half of COUGHING "fits" to be Replaced with "NOSE-BLOWING".
  • Recast FATHER to venture out with The CAR to MAIL LETTERS at THE MALL.
  • Swap "Fuse-Checking" with "Garbage-Day-Prep".
  • Most "Readings" to be substituted with "Stock-Portfolio Management".
  • INSERT - 2-Hour CROCHETED HAT Scene...


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