Sunday, December 18, 2011

Celebrating "COUGH"-DAY!


o-kay... So. Maybe... *Any* "Festive" Sentiments were directed more toward the Day's SUNNY-ness... At least what there *was* of IT for most of the Early Part of IT.

Anyway... I *had* - mistakenly - ASSUMED that I was PAST the more "annoying" Bits..??However, apparently NOT!

  • Awoke "early" due to NEED to Cough...
  • Got OUT of Bed "late"...
  • Coughing more...
  • Increased the Asthma-Meds to help *clear* the Lung Congestion.
  • Coughed.
  • Ate My CHEERIOS.
  • Read the Newspapers...
  • Coughed.
  • MOTHER complained Last Night about the Dryer NOT "Heating-up"...
  • Checked The FUSES. They were Fine..?
  • Coughed.
  • Threw Her mostly-dryed Clothes into the Dryer. They DRIED!
  • Coughed.
  • Did a Load of MY Laundry.
  • Cybered...
  • Coughed.
  • Coughed. Munched on Junk Food.
  • More Coughing...
  • "Hung" Laundry.
  • Coughed.
  • Had some Daylight left. Went OUTSIDE to Mail Letters down the Street.
  • Still "debating" IF whether, the 4-Minute-Brisk-Walk-In-The-Frosty-Cold-Air actually "helped"..?
  • Coughed. Maybe, not so much...
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Coughed over My Steamy-Rice Dinner. The Spices helped...
  • READ.
  • Coughed-Read-why-does-My-throat-hurt-now?-Read-Coughed-Blew-My-Nose.
  • Read.
  • Didn't Win on The LOTTERY.. COUGH!!!
  • Blooged.
  • Coughed. Coughed...
  • THIS [cough] SUCKS!! -- I'm going to BED...



  1. Aw hon! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. My dad swears by choclate for coughs, or someones sweaty sock around your neck your choice!!hugs tinkx


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