Thursday, December 22, 2011

NO Holiday-Shopper-"APPS" Were DELETED In A Parking Lot As INSPIRATION For THIS BLOOG Post!

AARRGGHHH!! NUT-CRACKERS!!! -- I was sooo *close*... stupid misguided Guardian iAngels...

SO... I've "mentioned" My *Dislike* for THIS Time of Year, yes..? -- I just want to make certain that We're ALL on the *SAME* "PAGE" Here...

Anyhoo... Thankfully, MOST of Last Night's FREEZING RAIN, etcetera, was eliminated by a Rise in Temps this Morning. However, there was still a Film of BLACK-ICE that FATHER saw fit to Toil at before MOTHER and I departed for the - [I HOPE!] - LAST of the needed DURING-the-Holidays-"Supplies-Acquisitions"!

Because, BEYOND "THIS POINT", AUNTIE *don't* MIX with The Last-Minute-Scary-Psycho-Shoppers-Who-Think-Their-Driver's-Licenses-Are-A-GIFT-CARD!

...yeah... You Guessed IT... We had to go to COSTCO!

Actually, IT really wasn't *that* Bad "INside"... Afterall, IT was only Thursday... OUTside "Traffic", not-so Civil... -- Honestly, WHEN are People going to UNDERSTAND the *Meaning* of the Word "GRIDLOCK"??!!

BTW, The "Blinder"-Adorned-Pedestrian-Cart-People are also an Integrel PART of the Problem!


Anyway, ONE **GOOD** THING happened There...

I ran into My *Secret*-Summer-"Project"-Cute-Tall-Strapping-Young-LAD-Sanity-Savior and
"Parent" of -


Needless to say, a PLEASANT and *much* needed SURPRISE!!

Oh-kaay... I'm in My "HAPPY"-Place NOW!


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