Friday, November 30, 2012

I probably *should* have Checked My E-MAIL "Last"...

'CAUSE, IT'S REALLY LATE RIGHT NOW... I *still* have "THIS" to WRITE! And, STUFF to Do Tomorrow - "EARLY"-ish - so, will likely NOT get *much*, if ANY, Sleep Tonight!

So. After spending the Evening doing a Couple of Loads of LAUNDRY as I Worked on the "NEWEST HAT", whilst Viewing a Recent-Purchase of OLD "Classic" SHERLOCK HOLMES DVDs, I was wracking My Brain to "COME UP" with *SOMETHING* for TODAY'S BLOOG POST...

*SADLY*, I "found" IT!

-- SISTER-S just sent an E-Mail, Informing Me of Her FATHER-IN-LAW's *PASSING*... He's been quite ILL for Months, so THIS was an Expected Outcome. -- In some Respects, a "BLESSING", but STILL Emotionally TRYING for His FAMILY and FRIENDS.

I just WISH I could *Physically* "BE THERE" for HER *and* MOUNTIE-MAN-S, too!


Thursday, November 29, 2012


WHY *IS* IT, *WHENEVER* there's Someplace IMPORTANT that We *have to* GET TO *ON TIME*, The WEATHER rears ITS PAIN-IN-THE-A$$-CRAPPINESS??!!

[BTW, I won't get *into* the Plethora of OTHER Problems
 that potentially PLAGUED Our Punctuality!!
Not to mention, My PATIENCE!]

For REAL!!?? -- Just when I go to take The CAR *OUT* of the GARAGE to Drive MOTHER to a Lucky-We-Got-IT-APPOINTMENT, IT starts to **SNOW SQUALL**!?!

-- [NOTE TO SELF - Next Vehicle Purchase *MUST* have a REAR-WINDOW-WIPER!!]

THANKFULLY, the NOONish TRAFFIC *and* ROAD CONDITIONS *weren't* as Horrid as I had FEARED that They "could have been". -- We actually Arrived with a Few Minutes to Spare! Oh, and of course, the SNOW had "STOPPED" by THEN!

WHILST I Waited on MOTHER, I got about HALF of WHAT's HERE Done...

THIS is another One of those COLOUR-COMBO-"EXPERIMENTS" of Mine that I Believe will turn out to be BETTER than I Imagined... I hope!

AFTERWARD, although We hadn't "PLANNED" on IT, We Stopped by MICHAEL'S... Earlier, We had Noticed that One of the Roads that I would have taken HOME, had CONSTRUCTION going on. As IT happens, "CUTTING"-through TRAINYARDS was the ALTERNATE ROUTE...

And, MOTHER *was* IN the MOOD to *SHOP*! -- Or, at least, "LOOK" Around...

I just got THIS...

You never know WHEN I *might* be NEEDING IT..? Besides, I *couldn't* LET That LAST COUPON to go to WASTE! - eh?!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CADET-JUNIOR's "1st BIRTHDAY" Present...

-- A *PREVIEW*!! - Don't SHOW HIM yet!


- 100% MERINO
- [made in the U.S.A.]
- Colour: 5300-506-IGLOO: softest blue
- Colour: 5300-578-PEACOCK: teal blue

BTW, THIS would have been POSTED *Earlier*, but PHOTOBUCKET has been SCREWY with ITS *&$%$*&^&*^%%$%$%##^*^&% "BETA"-VERSION popping UP **WHEN-I-DON'T-WANT-IT-TO**!!!

just saying...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shop-haied by the OLD NAVY


Or, IT was just the MYSTICAL INFLUENCES of that FULL MOON Shining OVER the STORE..? -- Hey. "Some" PEOPLE turn into WANNABE-"MYTHICAL"-CREATURES or, just Your EVERYDAY-RUN-OF-THE-MILL-PSYCHOPATH. Whilst *I*, just have this Tendency to become a SHOPAHOLIC!

OLD NAVY has this "SALE" THIS WEEK... And, Today was the FIRST Chance I had to get *over* There! -- ahh... decisions... decisions...

There were at least THREE *OTHER* SWEATERS that I was Debating over! BUT, I have *too* many as it IS!! - [I blame those 15%-OFF-"SURVEY"-COUPONS that I keep GETTING!] - I think My SWEATER-STASH is beginning to RIVAL My YARN-STASH!

Speaking of WHICH...


"THE WOOL" was ON-SALE again, so I used My "50%-OFF"-COUPON on Another Set of CIRCULAR NEEDLES.

And, seeing as I'm NOT Planning on being There again UNTIL *probably* SATURDAY, I gave ONE of My EXTRA "40%-OFF"s to the NICE-YOUNG-KNITTER-GIRL who was looking to Purchase some large Too-High-"REGULAR"-Priced STRAIGHT-NEEDLES...

The "NEEDLE-ARTS", *NOT* always a "CHEAP" Pastime!! -- However, IT *is* a "TEAM"-Sport! Especially, when it comes to Exchanging HELPFUL Technique-Tips and BARGAIN Costs for "MATERIALS and TOOLS" with the NEXT-GENERATION...

MEANWHILE, I also made a "PIT-SHOP" at Another of the Nearby SOON-TO-BE-CLOSED-ZELLERS... Where, I picked up the 2-BALLS of YELLOW COTTON YARN. -- Despite the "20%-OFF", the Price was still on the Higher-Than-I-Would-Have-PREFERRED-Side. However, THAT YARN is becoming more Difficult to come BY these Days...

NOW, I just have to Figure-Out **WHERE** to PUT IT *ALL*..?

-- ahh... decisions... decisions...


Monday, November 26, 2012


WHEN THE WEATHER-GUY MENTIONED, that there **might** be SNOW Overnight, I really didn't think much about IT... At least, not until I heard the WIND *HOWLING* through the Trees in the Early Morning Hours, sounding like a FREIGHT-TRAIN!
-- that can't be good...

IT was BRIGHT & SUNNY when I finally got UP... oh. look. *SNOW*... BUT, *only* an INCH and a Bit! Could've been WORSE!

Whatever, there's ENOUGH of IT to be in *need* of SHOVELLING- [Besides, I need to bring IN the Trash Cans from the Curb...]

nuts! -- My SHOVEL-CLOTHES are "Buried" in THE ROOM, *and* are  still in need of being "Freshened-Up"... I guess I'll just have to take IT slow, as not to "mess-up" My

Anyway, HOPE there isn't any MORE Tonight! - I've got STUFF to DO, Tomorrow, that *doesn't* include SHOVELLING!!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

ah-ha! So *THAT's* How "THEY'RE" Going To DO It!

"THEY" being the U.S. GOVERNMENT. And, "IT" being Their current FINANCIAL *DEFICITS*.

-- The I.R.S.'s "CUT" of that 425-Million Dollar "POWERBALL" JACKPOT!!!

Seriously. 200+ MILLION has got to make *some* DENT!? -- I know that *I* could DO some WICKED $DAMAGE$ with all of them FIGURES-LEFT-OF-THE-DECIMAL-POINT... [INSERT Maniacal AUNTIE Grin]

ONCE "The CHEQUE" *CLEARS*, just give Me an Hour with a Secured SAT-PHONE and a Couple of Good TAX-LAWYERS and I'd soon be BLOOGING My Next POST from My BRIGHT-AND-SHINY-NEW-SECRET-OFFSHORE-COUNTRY!!


GATE-GIRL? -- Don't Forget Your HOOKS and SHINY-RED-SHOES...

..ahh...WAIT...hang on...

    [..whaddaya mean, you *forgot* to tell SIS to BUY a TICKET when They were across the Border??! great! just. great... - hope you enjoy shovelling *cookies*, KEEBLER-BOY!..]

oh-kay... Sorry about that... Looks like there's been a bit of a *SNAG* in the FINANCIAL-FANTASY-PLANS..? -- oh well... IT's probably all a MOOT Point anyway.

BTW, is that whole END-OF-THE-WORLD-THINGY still "ON" for NEXT MONTH, or was IT *REALLY* Cancelled..?!! -- 'Cause, I'll need to "BUDGET"... Just in case that PROPHESIZED-MASS-GLOBAL-EXTINCTION-DEAL **DOESN'T** HAPPEN..??!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's SNOW, Is Brought To You By The LETTER "S"

STARTING with...

- The Morning's faint dusting on the Lawn that was just a notch above *Frost*.

- The STURDY little "SANDERSON Roofing" SIGN that's been on the Front Lawn for a few Weeks now, finally "almost" SURRENDERED to the Day's STRONG Gusting Winds. Despite ITS SAIL-ish flapping about, I STILL had to STRUGGLE to yank out ITS remaining Metal-Leg-Anchor.

- Throughout the Day, there were light and thankfully *brief* SWEEPS of SNOW Pellets that would have likely been RAIN if not for the -8C WINDCHILL...

- I haven't been There for a few Weeks... ahh... The *STUFF* I could have bought...

There was this really nice SET of JAPANESE-made Dishes - White with SIMPLE SKY Blue STRIPES. Quite tempting, but alas, I have *no* Room! As well as, already have enough Other Dishes. And, I don't Cook. But, STILL... [SIGH!]

- Instead, I SETTLED upon This SIX-Inch Glass Dish... $1.79

I had to get SOMETHING!!
- Besides, I do happen to have SOME Other SIMILARLY STYLED Pieces that IT will go quite *well* with! I'm rather
"into" SQUARE Motifs... And, Glass - in *that* Colour...

- You know, for a SATURDAY, the SCARY-SHOPPERS were SURPRISINGLY in SHORT-SUPPLY!? -- hmm...very SUSPICIOUS...


Friday, November 23, 2012

huh. You know, I've gotten SO *Used* to The "NICE" WEATHER...


hmm... AS Enjoyable as IT may be at the Moment, in the LONG RUN, NOT so much... We'll just end up with LAST Year's Problems! And, DROUGHT!

Hopefully, TODAY'S Odd SPRINKLE will *HELP*..?!
Anyhoo, *THAT* aside... I Finished "The HAT"!


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77531-Currant
- Colour: 77252-Dark Grey Marle


Thursday, November 22, 2012



ANYHOO... IT was a Lovely Day... SUNNY. Not too COLD... So, of course, I Slept-"IN"! As a Result, We didn't get OUT to SHOP-FARI until the Afternoon.

And then, MOTHER comes up with a Certain LAST MINUTE "Errand" in the OPPOSITE Direction of Our *FLIGHT*-PLAN... Which, ended up being a bit of a Bust and Waste of TIME! LUCKILY, We managed to get AHEAD of the RUSH-HOUR TRAFFIC on the way to TRAINYARDS!

Went to WALMART First. - I had intended to go the Other Day, but had RUN OUT of Daylight... THIS Time, We loaded up on GROCERIES. AND, I ended up *FORGOTTING* about "WHAT" I had wanted to CHECK-OUT over There in the FIRST PLACE! -- nuts!

WHILE the SUN was still TOPSIDE, We popped on over to MICHAEL'S... huh. Those "HOLIDAY" BOXES - [6 for $10.] - weren't THAT Low the Other Day..? - Neither was the - [$4.] - DUCT-TAPE... NO Wonder that there *AREN'T* That many LEFT!!

Some CHRISTMAS STUFF was also ON-SALE... MOTHER had stumbled onto the GINGERBREAD-MEN RIBBON for just over a DOLLAR! - I found the REINDEER One next to IT...

ahh... **MORE** BOXES to find "SPACE" *for*!! -- But hey, I was kinda Smittened with the ZEBRA-Striped-STUFF! - oh. and yeah. I got a BALL of YARN too!

My TRUNK was *FULL*! We headed HOME...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well. So Much For THOSE Coupons...

APPARENTLY, WE DIDN'T GO TO MICHAEL'S TODAY AFTERALL... And, I was even going to make an "Effort" to get UP *EARLY* to meet that NOON SALE-CUT-OFF-TIME!

hmm...perhaps, Tomorrow..?

MEANWHILE, I put in some TIME on "This Week's" HAT. Just have 2 more "Panels" to go. -- I should get IT done BEFORE I Finish My Newly-Acquired "CADFAEL" DVDs! - I've literally been WAITING for YEARS for the PRICE to go DOWN! So, when THEY popped-up during Monday's COSTCO-Run, I *snatched* THEM UP!!

Another "HOLIDAY-GIFT" *to* Myself!! -- Besides, THEY encompass TWO of My FAV GENRES: "WHO-DONE-IT"s and "HISTORICAL-PERIOD-PIECES". I'm quite Surprised that I've managed to get ANY of My KNITTING *DONE*!

Well... I'm going to go Experiment on that "Getting-Enough-SLEEP-To-Wake-Up-EARLY" *THEORY*!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The IDIOT Who Picks "DRIVE-THRU" Locations Should Be...

*_________* [INSERT Your FAV Heinous TORTURE!]

Seriously. Normal TRAFFIC at The-SPOT-IN-QUESTION is HORRID enough - [as in, there's at least One Pedestrian FATALITY per Year!] - with Limited *Scary* Parking Access for the TWO GROCERY STORES and attached STRIP-MALLS, numerous MEDICAL OFFICES, a Couple of BANKS... - ALL within a TIGHTLY packed 3-Block "Space" between Two MAJOR INTERSECTIONS!

ENTRY into the Smaller-Heavily-Frequented-By-The-ELDERLY-And-Built-On-A-SLOPE-Grocery-Store-PARKING-Lot is **BLOCKED** if there are more than SIX Vehicles are "IN-LINE"!! -- Getting OUT, is almost as much "FUN"!

The IRONY is not Lost on Me that, a Few Blocks EAST is a HOSPITAL - [where I was Born actually] - and a Block to the WEST are Two of the CITY's Largest CEMETERIES! -- [where Our FAMILY "Plot" is almost in View..]

ANYWAY... My FAV Sometimes-Difficult-To-Find-JUICE is Better-Priced at THAT GROCERY STORE, which I was in Need of, AND I had some Business to attend to at the Building-Next-Door...

Which, ALL took *more* Time than I had Expected. Hence, about HALF of My WHAT-I-WANTED-TO-DO-TODAY-LIST was pretty much Abandoned! -- Then again, perhaps IF I had gotten UP a bit Earlier...

Whatever... AFTERward, I ended up at THE BIG MALL. Had Stuff to DO and, Stuff to GET... I kinda Spent too much Time THERE as well. IT was *LATE* by the Time I got over to MICHAEL'S! -- Where, I just did a bit of a RECCE...

THEIR "FLYER" came in Today... BIG "SALES" going on TOMORROW -- MOTHER *WANTS* to GO! -- I just wanted to Check on WHAT was still IN-Stock. And, to "Touch-Base" with MANAGER-DAVE...

oh! LOOK at The TIME! -- We *need* to be OUT "Early" - [haha] - in the Morning. SHOULD get to Bed NOW!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Taking The *FRENZY* Down a Notch...

GRANTED, I *STILL* HAVE UMPTEEN THINGS TO "DO" THAT ARE PROBABLY WELL *PAST* "DUE"! - However, THIS Week, I've DECIDED to just SLOW DOWN... Gonna take My "Time" going through that "TO-DO"-LIST.

We were ALL in such a RUSH this Morning for an Appointment, that I've come to Realize, I need to "STOP" for a Moment and just *BE*... I took My sweet ole Time later in the Afternoon to do the Day's Errands. -- huh. I actually managed to get Done *sooner* than I had Thought that I would. hmm...

MEANTIME, *NOW* that CRAFT-SHOW "Appearances" are OVER - [*unless* some NEW and WORTHWHILE "Opportunity" should arise] - I've gotten back to *just* CREATING...

THESE TWO COLOURS have been just *screaming* AT Me to put Them *TOGETHER* for Weeks!! -- So. I have.

Well... There's a "TOUR"-LIST for Tomorrow. And, those 5-BALL-YARN-PACKS are ON-SALE This Week... HOPE that means a FRESH SUPPLY in over at MICHAEL'S..? Some MORE "NEW" Colours would be GOOD!

NOT that I *NEED* Them... OR, have the **SPACE** for Them! Not to mention My Present NON-EXISTING BUDGETARY "Resources"..? -- But, I am *such* a CHROMAddict!! - HOW CAN I RESIST?!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keeping Part-Time "VAMPIRE" Hours...

AS IN, I "WENT" TO BED AT *DAWN*. GOT "UP" IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON! -- My You, I did manage a Few Hours of "NAPPING" earlier Last EVENING. But, that was more a matter of "Exhaustive Unconsciousness"!


LEFT at 7am, Driving EASTERLY, TRYING to keep AHEAD of the SOON-to-be-RISING-RETINAL-DAMAGING-SUN. Arrived at the SCHOOL *just* IN Time! And also, to *snag* One of the Little-FLATBED-SKIDS! -- There's a Ways to Walk to THE GYM and My TABLES

I Paced Myself on "SETTING-UP"... And, Tweaked a few Things too. I have Extra RACKS that I didn't bother with, as They take way Longer to Assemble! -- I know that IT doesn't *LOOK* IT, but IT *does* take OVER an Hour to DO!

And then, there's the "UNspoken" Responsibility of being the FIRST Table that CUSTOMERS *SEE* upon Entering THE ROOM, so I HAVE to be READY - *ON* TIME! -- no pressure... Although, I probably have a promising future career as a *certain* STORE-GREETER in about a decade...

ANYHOO... I did the SALE "SOLO" again. MOTHER wasn't up to Snuff enough to DO *that* LONG of a Day, let alone, "BE READY" *ON TIME*! - However, MADAME-Q and Her Daughter had TWO TABLES just Diagonally ACROSS from Me! -- A "Life"-Saver for those *much* NEEDED 5-Minute "POTTY-BREAKS"!

MEANWHILE, "TRAFFIC" was Steady - though, IT could have mean Heavier... "SALES" - thankfully - started Early, but were also Fewer than Expected, DESPITE the Numerous "Nibbles"... LOTS of "HATS-Trying-On", but only Sold TWO. - "RUDDY" and "CEDARWAX"

That's the DOWNSIDE of being in the FIRST SPOT, EVERYONE wants to "LOOK AROUND FIRST"!



-- YAY!!

Soo... "BOTTOMLINE" -- I made MORE than Last Year, but NOT as MUCH as the Last SALE. *Overall*, IT was a "GOOD YEAR" - although, IT *could* have been BETTER! -- However, considering the LOCAL Economy THIS Year, I'm actually FORTUNATE that I did AS WELL as I DID!

IT still DOESN'T *PAY* for My YARN, OR My **TIME** -- And undoubtlessly, NEVER WILL!!
WHATEVER... IT's still FUN to Give My "BABIES" New Homes... And, to See the Smiling-Faces of YOUNGSTERS when I pass-out the FREE CANDY-CANES... AND, the Confused-Looks-and-Grinding-Brain-Gears of LITTLE-OLD-"CRAFTER"-LADIES *attempting* to "FIGURE-OUT" My BLANKET and MOABOA "Stitching"!!


Here's a "CLUE" -- **BUY IT**!! -- And, perhaps You'll be *able* to EVENTUALLY Figure IT out..? **IF** You can Find the TAIL-ENDS...

oh. And BTW, Good Luck with THAT! Because even *I* have Troubles and I KNOW *WHERE* They ARE!

[HEY! ZIP-IT, ELF-BOYS! -- You're NOT on Vacation, YET!!]


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Out-Of-BLOOG for the Day

"SORRY! -- THE BOSS can't come to The BLOOG right now. SHE's
off CRAFT-SHOWing...

However, SHE did Send a *POSTCARD*!"

The FIRST Thing EVERYONE *SEES* when They come into the Main Room.
AND, WHAT They *TOUCH*!! -- If I had a Nickel for *every* time They DID...


Friday, November 16, 2012

"Listen! DOUBLE-Check, okay? - You know *HOW* SHE gets..."

-- TELL THEM to "SHOP BY" for the
CAIRINE WILSON Secondary School
- 975 Orleans Blvd., ORLEANS, Ontario -
- 9am to 4pm - Saturday NOVEMBER 17th -


Thursday, November 15, 2012

DONE! With a DAY to Spare!


PATONS "Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77236-Harvest
- Colour: 00230-Bright Red
- Colour: 77208-Jade Heather
- Colour: 77514-Sesame


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Checking Out the OTHER CRAFT SHOWS Day


Despite the Fact that We still have SO MUCH TO DO for Saturday's CRAFT SALE at CAIRINE WILSON Secondary School, We took the Afternoon to ADMIRE Our more
"High-End"-Fellow-ARTISANS and CRAFTERS at the Latest "SIGNATURES" SHOW.

Although We were Late-ish on Our Departure, We nevertheless managed to get about at the Peak of NON-TRAFFIC and/or CROWDS! -- Of course, wistfully wandering about for THREE-HOURS does take IT's TOLL on the Toes, however, IT was doubtlessly Time WELL Spent!

The ARTWORK was Exceptional! As well as *much* "Munchkin"-WEAR. Also, several Booths of KNITTED & CROCHET Items - I had some rather Informative "yarnish" Chats with the NONIA-LADIES, all the way from NEWFOUNDLAND! - [DO Checkout THEIR Website]


Have a Look at THEIR *COOL* STUFF...

ANYHOO... The SHOW is on until Sunday, NOVEMBER 18th at the OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE in Downtown. *IF* You're IN OTTAWA, be *sure* to GO VISIT!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting Historically Side-Tracked!!

IT'S A BAD HABIT OF MINE... As in, actually "Watching" My DVDs *when* I'm KNITTING. Especially, IF IT's the FIRST TIME that I've Viewed THEM!

And, those "TUDORS" DVDs I bought Last Week, really *are* GOOD! -- Unfortunately, I get so *involved* with the Storyline, that I FORGET that I'm "trying" to KNIT... I really *should* have gotten MORE Done, TODAY!

Then again, I'm going to have to RIP-OUT a Few ROWS as it is. -- The "REDUCING" isn't going as well as I would Like... HOPEFULLY, I can "FIND" Time Tomorrow, to get IT Completed! My "DAY" will be BUSY enough.

MOTHER and I have a little "OUTING" Scheduled for the Afternoon, DOWNTOWN! Via *BUS*.

So, I MUST *Try* to be IN Bed "EARLY"! -- yeah. THAT won't be happening...

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