Monday, November 26, 2012


WHEN THE WEATHER-GUY MENTIONED, that there **might** be SNOW Overnight, I really didn't think much about IT... At least, not until I heard the WIND *HOWLING* through the Trees in the Early Morning Hours, sounding like a FREIGHT-TRAIN!
-- that can't be good...

IT was BRIGHT & SUNNY when I finally got UP... oh. look. *SNOW*... BUT, *only* an INCH and a Bit! Could've been WORSE!

Whatever, there's ENOUGH of IT to be in *need* of SHOVELLING- [Besides, I need to bring IN the Trash Cans from the Curb...]

nuts! -- My SHOVEL-CLOTHES are "Buried" in THE ROOM, *and* are  still in need of being "Freshened-Up"... I guess I'll just have to take IT slow, as not to "mess-up" My

Anyway, HOPE there isn't any MORE Tonight! - I've got STUFF to DO, Tomorrow, that *doesn't* include SHOVELLING!!


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