Friday, August 6, 2010

Treading over Trends is *such* a Birch!

The other night, I was perusing some of the Online "Decor" Magazine sites... Namely, the STYLE AT HOME one - and happened upon the "Trendsetting" entry...  Came across the Below blurp - Look! The word "crochet"! - and then, spotted the "Birch" LAMP against that blue background and instantly thought of my Baby "BLUEBIRCH"!!  Of , course!

Hmmm... I can just picture a quiet room corner with this Lamp [or an extremely less expensive DIY version] hanging over a big, comfy, dark brown leather Library Chair with this Blanket [also waay less costly!] over Someone... perchance, reading My Blog...?

"BLUEBIRCH" - Done in PALEBLUE and [dark] BIRCH.

And it would work quite well with Today's rather cool Temps!  [20C]

BTW, about that "Lamp" being a possible DIY project...?  Here, in CANADA, one can pretty much DO this sort of thing "on the Fly"...! 

And as MIKEY would say....
"Measure, TWICE.."

"..Cut, ONCE!!"


Meanwhile.... my SISTER [who, BTW, took the above "construction" pics, AND has actually *met* MIKE!] and her Hubby THE BIG-D, are in the General area. They live in New Brunswick... And, have been "Reality Show"-ing with their Progeny for the last couple of days just outside of Town.

At *SOME* point, They should be over here for a short visit... -- Most likely, *between* Her SHOPPING expeditions!!

I just hope that, tomorrow, MY "Yard" ones, finally improve their success rate with the momentary cool Weather..?!


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