Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Timing" Is EVERYTHING!!

Remember THAT Phrase. As it is the Punchline to Today's activities!!

We were up Early, to what was looking to be a rather cool [12C] dreary day with the threat of rain... Alas, being the hardy, addictive Yard Sale-rs that We are, these conditions were mere par for the Course!

Took a quick, short swing through Our Neighbourhood - just in case - then, off to an advertised Sale... Which, turned out rather so-so... Had the odd, slightly interesting item, but overall, Prices were a bit steep for Our liking. And Bargain-Spoiledness.

However... I did manage to "bargain" down THIS Blue & White PLATE. In My pursuit of BLUE/WHITE crockery, I've been sub-collecting "Souvenir" Plates....  And what with MOTHER's People being from the Southern CAPE COD area and, let's not forget my collecting fetish for BOATS, I really couldn't pass on this One. We "compromised" the Price down to $1.50.

There was also some tiny skillet that MOTHER had passed on, but NOW, regrets that decision as it had been a good price.... Expect THAT misjudgment, to be one of the more popular "Topics of Discussion" for the Next Week! -- Which, will be My burden to bear, as I was the one who had brought the Item to Her attention in the first place!!

But, let's progress onward to MUCH better Hunting Grounds!

Apparently, there was this one Advertised Sale going on in Our usual Haunt. Went straight there, saw all these Signs on the lawn, but NO People... NO line-up of badly parked vehicles...Nothing. -- Signs said that "IT" was INSIDE... -- I don't know.. It just FELT, off...

OR, it could have been the over-powering ZEN-SHOPPING allure of our NEXT stop! -- Sounds crazy, I know. But it happens!

So, off We were on Our Follow-the-Yard-Sale-Signs tour... At first blush, typical in appearance, but soon to reveal Itself as a Gem in the Rough!!  MANY trips to the Car, were soon to be had...

And, let`s start with THIS little Item... Note, the BOATS and the BLUE/ WHITE attraction. Actually, I already have another one just like it - more the merrier!

So, I pick This up, as well as the BELOW  NEEDLEWORK Item and ASKED the Nice Lady running the Operation, "How much?"... "A Dollar for the Two."


I proceed to LOOK around some more... Check on MOTHER's "Findings"... She's going through some box with interesting "Linens". Sensing that My Sherpa skills will soon be in NEED,  I dump My "first" load of Possessions into the Car...

A little Backtrack to the BELOW... It's a 16" CUSHION COVER. With what appears to be Machine-done CREWEL work on a heavy LINEN [natural coloured].  Needs a bit of a wash, otherwise, is in great condition for its few decades age. And, I believe, one of those ON TREND type of things that seem to be popping up of Late...? -- Besides, for 50 cents...?!  A NO-BRAINER!

Returning to MOM-IN-A-BOX... The *Really* NICE LADY - "JACKIE" - has informed Us, that said "Linens & Things" are 5 CENTS *EACH*!!!  -- We're Talkin' a few OLD, yet great condition, FLANNEL Blankets here! -- And, GUESS *WHO* is holding the GROWING "Pile" of Stuff?!!

Ended up with UNDER a Dollar's worth, but MOTHER felt guilty over getting SUCH a SUPER deal, that She gave JACKIE $2.!

Whence I returned from the Car - again - I chanced upon the BELOW Mineralized "FRUIT"... It's that sort of Rock Crystal stuff..?  They were in a Metal Basket, that I didn't need. Enquired about the Price..?  $3. -- SOLD.

BTW, The BANANA "SPLIT", happened upon Our return into the House later. Just needs a little CRAZY GLUE.. It'll be fine...

Was about to head back to The Vehicle - once more - when I happened to give the other Table another once over... Ah..a JUICER. [Yep! I have a small Collection of THOSE too!] A Coloured one... 25 cents... A definite NO-BRAINER there. Ask about it's "history" - seeing as everything else here seems to have one.  Sweet! THIS is an OLD one. But missing a bottom catcher bowl part..  No prob, I'll live.

NOW, what is MOTHER buying...?!

Two large inverted bell-shaped HEAVY glass Vases and a 30" Cylinder one... 50 cents each. -- Looks like 2 more jaunts back to The CART.


brief stop to that neighbourhood Mall. Had a letter to Post. And the obligatory SALLY ANN run through. Then, off We were to a certain grocery store a few miles down the nearby main road. -- Check it out! The Seniors' Home on the OTHER side of the Highway "divide" has a Yard Sale going on... Well, of course, They do... But, must DO the Forage of Food  first!

Luckily, Traffic was light at the time, as the approach into this Seniors' place is a little dodgy... Nice new building, built into a short CLIFF! And Parking wasn't so great either... Dropped the  WHITE-HAIRED ONE off near the Sale and went in search of a SLOT...


Meanwhile, back at this "It's-A-Good-Thing-It-Was-Along-Our-Way" Sale... Place was looking pretty picked over, until... -- We're both standing on oppositie sides of this table, bearing - to put it kindly - JUNK. In front of MOTHER, is this stack of Plates, which she's not really looking at.. When, SUDDENLY... I, DO!

Is that a RHINO Plate?!

Why, yes. It IS! -- Hmm... Seems familiar.. Oooooo!!  A DAVID SHEPHERD one!  ...50 cents...?  [HAPPY DANCE!!!]  QUICK! Get that EVIL Metal Bracket OFF of it!!  WHEW!!  It's UNHARMED!  THANK the CLAYMATION ELVES!

*HELLO*??!!  $ WEDGWOOD Plate here!!  NOT designed to be TORTURED by The RACK!

Seriously. WHO was the BRAIN-TRUST that came up with the IDEA of using SPRING TENSIONED WIRE to display Decorative Plates from?!  FYI - The RIMS and WALLS of those type of Plates were NEVER "materially" designed to withstand that kind of Tension. If You want to crack or chip them, THROW them to the ground! It would be a quicker and less painful DEATH.

OKAY. Personal little tirade over.

So, as to the remainder of our Adventures...

Food Sampling a la Carte at COSTCO. -- Wow! They've redecorated since last week... OPTICAL is over there now, and its former location, filled in by the CAFE expansion. Looks nice. Although, it still doesn't improve the stagnating migration of the Stupid-Shopping-Cart-Etiquette-Challenged-People out of the EXIT.

PIT SHOP at THE MALL for grocery specials and the cashing in of Lottery Tickets. OH! Saw GEESE returning from "Somewhere"...?

Then, off to FUTURE SHOP just across the way.  Got an EXTERNAL BACKUP DRIVE to acquire...

Left MOTHER in the Car - it was starting to sprinkle out... And I wasn't going to be that long... Hey! BANANA-BOYEnough with The LOOK!  How was I to know that She'd start REPACKING things!?

Sorry... I "wandered"... My Computer Black-Holed on Me earlier and I ended up LOSING over an hour of work on this Post as a result!! Which is WHY it'll be Late again...

So. Hard Drives... Had the strapping young "KYLE" assist Me in My decision making. It was difficult in eventually choosing the much lighter in weight, portable, shiny, RED 500G, instead of the SAME priced, MUCH heavier, socket-dependent, BLACK 1T...  I'm calling Her - KYLIE! Photo Tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. I still have to polish this up before Bed! Should be enough here Today to put the rest of You to sleep!

OH! Almost FORGOT! The Reason for Today's HEADER... Two minutes AFTER I got EVERYTHING into the House, TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR!!


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