Saturday, August 28, 2010


IT was the absolutely PERFECT morning for hitting the YARD SALE Circuit - until perhaps, around 11am-ish, when it started getting really HOT in the Sun. BUT, the steady Breeze was rather pleasant. Which, is overall surprising, as there was some AIR SHOW going on over the NorthEast part of the City. That type of Event almost always, attracts questionable Weather...

Hey! I saw a LEAR! -- At least, I *think* it was... Whatever. Still a SWEET looking Ride! Jotting down one of THOSE Puppies on My LOTTERY WISHLIST!

Anyhoo... A nice day... Except for the flare up of lower back pain, which ended up tweaking the bad knees, and for some reason, My right wrist feels like I've bruised it or something..? BUT, being the Y.S. JUNKIE that I am, I "managed" to get through The PAIN! -- It's a good thing that no one used one of those Scanner things on Me Today, I probably would have FRIED the Thing!!

So... Our FIRST Stop, was just down the street, around the corner... Where, I picked up this Pair of lovely VASES. Asking Price was $4. - GOT Them for $3.!  The Large One had stones and a couple of rather nice Fake IRISES in it. Gave Those to MOTHER. My passion is the AMETHYST GLASS Collecting!

These are actually, slightly more on the Amethyst side than the "Royal" shade in this picture. Both are of Blown Glass, with a soft textured surface. The Larger One is about a foot tall and had a $29. sticker on the Bottom! -- They also need a bit of a cleaning...

[Ignore, the Ugly Floor and Mat..]

THESE would probably look super as a Dining Room Table Centerpiece.. PURPLES still seem to be "IN". -- Actually, was taking a quick look last Night, through the OCTOBER ONLINE Version of STYLE AT HOME... There was a PAGE on Things Purple. Hopefully, My HARDCOPY will be arriving early this coming Week.

Off We went to Our Regular Haunts... Only a couple of Sales going on There. Met several interesting People, including a rather tall, articulate, and enchanting 7-Year-Old who was learning to sew Her First Dress!

Picked up these BOXES at another Sale for a Grand Total of 20 Cents!  They're about 6 inches across. The LEFT One is Cardboard, and the RIGHT, is Tin. -- And, YES, "another" of My Collections!  They're a great place to STORE all of those smaller and fragile Christmas Ornaments!

It was beginning to get quite warmer, so We headed off toward BIG BOX STORE COUNTRY to do Groceries, etc... With, of course, the odd STOP along the Way...

Where, We happened upon Our BEST One of the Day!  Many, MANY, wonderful, "expensive", and informative BOOKS waiting to be HAD for ONLY a DOLLAR a Piece!!  Quite a few appeared to have been originally purchased at Museum Gift Shops...?  Between Us, We got around 6 or so.

Amongst My choices, was the ABOVE.  I love the ART in these types of Tomes!  And FORGET, having a LARGE "Tabletop" for My current "COLLECTION", I *need* a whole WALL!!  -- I do have a Design for THAT in Mind...

And, in keeping with the HISTORICAL "references" of the ABOVE... We had CAKE at WALMART!

Meanwhile, just "managed" to ACHE My way Home by 3pm... Considering the current and predicted Weather conditions, FATHER wanted to APPLY a Coat of Blacktop to the Laneway upon Our return. Hopefully, it'll be properly dried by Monday morning... MOTHER has "Plans"...
-- More on THAT outcome, THEN!

Feeling BETTER Now... Slapped on some of My cooling Gel stuff on several body parts, put the Feet up, had a semi-Nap, ASPIRIN... Will DEFINITELY, be sleeping in, Tomorrow!


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