Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crochet Vérité...

GOT the DVD that I've been waiting to SEE... Rather not say which one... Cause -- It's - well... - a CHICK-FLICK. And, I'm *really*, TRUTHFULLY **NOT** the "Chick-Flick" Type... I couldn't care less about the Actress in it - let alone, "The PLOT" - BUT, the ACTOR, however...  Now, THAT, is a whole OTHER matter!

And, that's ALL I'm going to SAY...

So. WhileWATCH the afore-mentioned, I'll be dutifully "Creating".... Another MOA-BOA. This time, in a LAVENDER and a teal-blue/purple mix, that I call "MARINER-MAUVE".  My Camera still doesn't pick up the proper HUE of the LAVENDER - it should have MORE [softer] REDDISH tones to the Colour than the [harsher] BLUES which are making it look more VIOLET!

EITHER way, I'm LOVING the Colours!


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