Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Had Been Saving This For a "COLD" RAINY DAY...

It finally actually RAINED Today.  And, as much as I'm NOT fond of Rain, - especially when the Temps are below 15C [was in the 20s today] - we did NEED it after all of the scorching Weather we've had for the last Month. However, I still don't think it did anything in the Humidity Eradication Department... 

At any rate, I'm just content in the fact that I didn't have to go out in it. HATE driving in Rain!  The only *good* rain, is that refreshing "sprinkle" when the Temps are over 30C and you're strolling down some Tropical beach and the Sun is STILL *shining* --->  OVER THERE!! 

BTW, please, feel free to -  [insert *Beach Boy*] - anywhere into the above "fantasy"!  READER's choice!!  [Mind the WAND, FAIRY-T, it's not a Lancet!!]

On the other hand, though, I really DO enjoy *watching* LIGHTNING!!  Especially, from an aircraft at night from a hundred miles away...  VERY Cool!!

But, I digress...

Actually, the following SHOULD have been saved for a COLD, miserable Rainy Day... BUT, I just didn't have anything else to throw in here for Today.  -- I know!! Whenever there IS a nasty day, and I haven't anything, THEN I'll just *REFER* You all back to THIS Posting. Okay? 

Good. That's settled. -- Moving on...

"BLUEBERRY BISCUIT" with BURLEIGH "Blue Calico" Jars and *Scones*!

SO, before I get into the "epic" DETAILS of this little pic, WHY not print off the Recipe for these yummy-looking  BLUEBERRY-BUTTERMILK SCONES  [CLINK INTO LINK]  I found at the MARTHA STEWART Site.  There should be MORE Here:  OTHER RECIPES  

BTW, You should KNOW... I truly, DO NOT COOK and/or BAKE!!  So, I have absolutely NO idea on how these Recipes will work out OR even TASTE!!  However, They ARE  from MARTHA, so They SHOULD be a GOOD THING - Yes..?

Whatever. Now, GO!  WHIP up a Batch, remember to SET the TIMER, and then come back HERE whilst They are Baking!!


Back already?!   EXCELLENT!

Okay, so... The BEST Scones that I remember ever having, were [WARNING: I'm about to "DATE" Myself here - try REALLY hard to FORGET this part!!] in the Mid-70s at WARWICK CASTLE during a High School Spring Break trip...  I loved that place... Will definitely have to revisit it whenever I get back to England again! -- Meanwhile, I doubt they have that old Scone recipe anymore, as I believe that they are currently under new Management since I was last there...

WARWICK CASTLE - The AVON RIVER is just beyond on the Top of the photo


There also used to be Peacocks roaming the Garden area [on the Right of the Top Photo] - loud birds..

GUY TOWER was very Medieval...  A tightly winding staircase of centuries-worn stone steps to the top... STUNNING view!!  And the whole place was extremely enchanting... Was difficult to eventually leave it. -- But THAT, is another TALE for a different Blog!

NOW, about those awesome "BLUE CALICO" BURLEIGH  JARS!!  These puppies were what started me - only a few years back - on my "Blue and White China" collecting...  And. Yes, *another* Yard Sale mega-FIND!! 

The People were wrapping up their Sale early when we drove over. I SPIED these as the nice Lady was packing them up... Asked if she had any others...??  [insert Happy-Dance moment!]  Got THIS set for all of $2.!!!  And, FOUR other blue/white china Plates for another $2.! 

"ZEN SHOPPING" [If I'm meant to BUY it, it will STILL be There!] at its FINEST!!

On my return Home, I checked the BURLEIGH Site AND E-mailed them.... That FLOUR jar has been out of Production for years and the Other smaller ones go for 25GBP a piece!  And the Plates... maybe another 10 each..?  -- CAN I find a Bargain, or WHAT?!!  Eh?? 

OH!!  Better check on those Scones!!  And get the Tea going..

Now, as for my Baby - "BLUEBERRY BISCUIT"...  Actually, I just gave it that name Today. It was one of my older, nameless ones... Will have to dig it out of it's storage and take some better pics of it some time.. It's done in YELLOW and  a BLUE/WHITE mix.

Sooo...?  How are the Scones?  Any good?  Hope so - IF not, blame MARTHA! *I* DON'T "BAKE", remember?!!


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