Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cream of the Crops

WELL... It's *another* Dreary Day in the Neighbourhood!  Was "okay" earlier in the day, but started raining mid-afternoon... With the exception of my laundry load of Socks, there's just been a Whole Lot of Nothin' Goin' On...!

Which means, digging into the BACK-UP "Subject-of-the-Day" FILE...

You know... this whole "Blooging" Thing... NOT as easy as it looks!!  Especially, if One wants to Entertain the Troops - EVERYDAY...!!  -- Have I mentioned recently, and/or *yet*, that teeny weeny BIT about... "Having NO Life"...? 

Huh?  --- No..?  oh.. Well, whatever.  At least it keeps the Neurons preoccupied!  Otherwise, when They get bored... "Reality Shows" go to Commercial!

Right. So. Anyway...  I zipped through the copy I had made Yesterday of my SISTER's camera card - picked out some of the more interesting [and focused!] shots. 

She lives in a rather Scenic place and her Backyard is always looking like a "Location Shoot" for a scene from "BAMBI"!!  -- I seriously suspect, that Her *Squirrels* are ALL card-carrying members of SAG!!

Just, as I'm almost certain, do also the Sheep in the BELOW Pic!  [...they're those tiny beige things in the middle of the Photo..]

I have absolutely NO clue as to WHERE this Photo was taken!  It could be "any" where in the agrarian depths of New Brunswick, OR, even just outside of Town, HERE!!  I'll ask Her, and then update the POST later.

Meanwhile... I thought that THIS Blanket - CREAM OF CELERY - looked "The Part". And would, I'm certain, likely go well with whatever is in that Century-plus years old HOUSE. The Colours used are IVORYSAGE, and a GREEN-MIX.

Oh, and to just add in a touch of "Flavour" - here's the ONLY Recipe I could find over at the MARTHA STEWART Site for  CREAM OF CELERY SOUP ....  To be honest, I don't think that I've ever tried the Soup... Not all THAT *big* on "Cream" of ANYTHING, really!

Except perhaps, for a lovely crispy cold "CUCUMBER Soup"!!

Ooooo... getting a craving.... 


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