Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oooo! SWEET!! The WEATHER-"FAIRY" got Me a COOL "GIFT"!!


When I last "SIGNED-OFF" in the *WEE*-Hours - [4am] - it was to the DISCOURAGING Sounds of RAINFALL! -- *ALL* I could Think of as I TRIED to fall asleep, was the Amount of *Probable* FLOODING that was going to be AWAITING Me, LATER...

As I drifted between Slumber and Awareness, some Time after DAWN, the ROAR of WINDS grabbed My Drowsy Attentions... huh. great. now I'll have branches that will probably be falling on Me while I scoop...

Alas, I dozed off.

WHEN I *finally* Awoke, AND got OUT of Bed, the HOWLING was still going on!

-- Sooo... IMAGINE My **SURPRISE** as I had a LOOK Outside to "SURVEY" My Day's *likely* Activities of "FLOOD-CONTROL" and/or SHOVELLING - [there had been this Forecast of SNOW?!] - only to DISCOVER a rather Noticeable **LACK** of AQUEOUSNESS!?!


NO SNOW! -- Other than the presently somewhat *smaller* SNOWBANKS...


Just overall **DRYNESS**!!??


It just goes to show *how* EXHAUSTED I am from all of this YO-YO WEATHER of Late, that it NEVER occurred to Me that Those UNexpected WINDS in the +8C Temps would EVAPORATE **EVERYTHING**!! -- So much for "FORECASTS"! - The *only* Thing "THEY" got "right" was the Temperature DROP! IT's -14C with a -24C WINDCHILL at the Moment...

And, considering the *sudden* DROP, the PRE-Removal of all that "MOISTURE" is a *GOOD THING*!!


To be sure, "SERIOUS"-VEGGING was *ENJOYED* whilst THE-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS "Escaped" for a Few Hours...

right. so. *TOMORROW*... "BIG DAY"!! -- There's even a Rumour of *possible* SUNLIGHT!?!

Anyway... I *must* GET to Bed!! -- I've got THINGS to DO! PLACES to BE!! "TELOMERES" to TEMPORALLY-ANOMALYZE!!

oh. And BTW, just a "WARNING"... SPENDING Money that I *don't* Have on STUFF that I DON'T Need *or* have "SPACE" FOR, WILL be INVOLVED!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

YEP-per!! -- "WINTERLUDE" *Definitely* BEGINS *THIS* Weekend!!


First off... We "mostly" MISSED *Another* MASSIVE STORM!! -- At least, as far as the RAIN was concerned... [**THANK YOU**!!] - However, We also managed to achieve *more* RECORD-BREAKING TEMPS!! Apparently, IT went UP to over 11C Today?!!

Remember THE ICE-CAP?? -- WELL... *Most* of IT is GONE! - Except, of course, IN the "Spots" *where* I needed IT to be!

FYI - UNLESS IT breaks *away*, WET-"sliced"-ICE tends to *Suction* back TOGETHER!!

Was OUT There ALL Afternoon again... CONSTANTLY Scooping out the Front of the GARAGE. Chopping and Scraping the LANEWAY. Scooping and Chopping the FRONT-WALKWAY. Carving NEW Drainage Routes on the ROADWAY so I could Re-OPEN the "SEWER-CANAL" for Local Iceberg Traffic...

Speaking of "DRAINAGE" and such... It "appears" that One of Our Neighbours a Couple of Houses over, must of had a "BACK-UP" or Flooding *PROBLEM*, as there were a Couple of "SEWAGE"-Trucks with the GINORMOUS-HOSE working from Their House for Several Hours?! -- NOT GOOD!

ANYWAY... The Temps have stayed UP Tonight, and there's been some RAIN... No doubt, I'll be breaking out the "SCUBA-GEAR" again Tomorrow! -- Then again, there's this "Rumour" about the Temps DROPPING and *SNOW*..??!! - [hmm... That STORM We're *rimming* might be turning North a bit more than I was hoping...crap!]


THE CAR hasn't been Out since SATURDAY! -- I *need* to get MILK!! AND, I *DON'T* want to be SHOVELLING on My *BIRTHDAY* in 2-Days!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

hmm... IT was *suppose* to RAIN..?!

oh-kay... WELL, *THAT* DIDN'T HAPPEN! -- [NOT that I'm Complaining!!] - Temps were still too COOL...

HOWEVER... Not to "Disappoint", EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY *did* manage to Leave ENOUGH *crap* in the Driveway to sufficiently THWART *ANY* Shopping-Plans for Today!! - oh. And, there was also another 3-Inches of SNOW from Overnight...

The ICE-CAP is also well INTACT! -- At least, when I last Left IT... But, TEMPS are on the RISE!! And, *NASTINESS* is ON the Way! -- I *dread* Tomorrow... NOAH-esque MELTWATER will no doubt, *ALSO* be Involved!!


Yesterday, I mentioned that I was BACK to "HOOKING"... The FOLLOWING is an "EXPERIMENT".

THIS is the First Time that I've had a Chance to "PLAY" *HOOKY* with The WOOL... I usually make the "MOA-BOALOHAs" in COTTON. -- I wanted to see how far a 100g BALL - [used the "COGNAC HEATHER" Colour, which is *much* DARKER than This] - would get Me with CROCHETING - I can get a "SHAN-TOQUE" and a Half with KNITTING.

Despite, the Increase in Width with THIS, I know that I'll still be SHORT *IF* I stick to My Regular PATTERN... I'm thinking on doing some Design "Change-Ups" where the Use of WOOL is Involved. IT "hangs" Differently from the COTTON. - AND, I have "FELTING" possibilities to consider as well...

MEANWHILE... Seeing as THIS *only* took a FEW Hours to whip up - [as opposed to the few DAYS of KNITTING!!] - don't be Surprised when NEXT Time You see IT, that "RE-INCARNATION" has befallen IT!

What can I Say..? THE HOOKS like to "DABBLE"...


Monday, January 28, 2013



sooo... DESPITE the 4 to 6-Inches of DRY-POWDER-SNOW, We got off really, *REALLY* LUCKY Here in OTTAWA!! That BIG *MESS* of WEATHER just Brushed Us with ITS Northern-Edge... AND, didn't Start coming down *until* 9am-ish!!

Of course, WHEN IT did, the tiny SNOW-PELLETS were literally RAINING down! -- THANKFULLY the Temps STAYED around the -11C Mark, otherwise, We *would* have had FREEZING-RAIN! By the Time I went OUT, the Falling was considerably LESS intense... Even Stopping on occasion...

Was OUT for close to 3-Hours... Removed what I could from the Roof-Edges. The underlying ICE that is still EVERYWHERE was pretty much a WASTE of Time to bother with! -- THAT is going to be a MASSIVE "PROBLEM" *when* the Temps go UP and STAY up for more than a Day.

FREEZING-RAIN is "Predicted" for later Tomorrow... Part of *another* NASTY-MESS headed THIS Way! -- ONE that will most likely *NOT* MISS Us!!

whatever... IT had ALL best be *OVER* and DONE WITH **BY** My "BIRTHDAY" later on THIS Week!! -- I have SOLO-ness-"PLANS" that DO-*NOT*-INCLUDE-the-USE-of-SHOVELS!! - [BEEN There! DONE *That* way TOO Often!! -- WINTER Birthdays can be such a Pain some Times!]

ANYHOO... I *did* Manage to get SOME KNIT-Time in. *AND*, some CROCHETING, too!!

YES. -- I got HOOKY!! -- But, *more* on THAT Tomorrow. Maybe... I'm still just "PLAYING" for the Moment...


Sunday, January 27, 2013

The MOST. *EXCITING*. Thing. I did. Today. Was...


Since Tomorrow is GARBAGE DAY, I thought that it was *Time* to TRASH that ICKY-OLD-CHEAP-WICKER-esque-BASKET with a *NEW*-TEAL-PLASTIC-"DOLLARAMA"-BUCKET!

And, that's about as "THRILLING" as it got... oh! AND, I *finally* got some KNITTING-Time in! -- It's been a Few Days actually... I keep getting *Side-tracked*!

BTW, I mentioned that I had *NO* "LIFE", right..?

MEANWHILE... Looks like WEATHER is "on the WAY"! -- I think The SHOVELS have been *missing* Me!

THIS is a Recent AIRPORT-RADAR "capture"... BLUE is SNOW. GREEN is RAIN. PINK is MIXED! -- I'm preferring the BLUE! The LESSER of the "THREE EVILS"... The "MIXED" is just *too* MESSY! And RAIN, will just cause *more* Problems with FLOODING over MELTWATER!

Actually, even BETTER, would be getting MISSED altogether! -- If IT could just Turn Right a little and stay SOUTH..?

Whatever... I just HOPE that IT's all DONE with Tomorrow. -- I have STUFF-TO-DO on Tuesday!!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

According to My SHOPPER-SCOPE, "..MERCURY has Risen..."

TRANSLATION -- IT's WARM **enough** - [-12C] - to SCOUT for "SALES" and **SHOP**!!

Sooo... NO "Coupons" for MICHAEL'S. -- [nuts!]

So. *NO* YARN "Purchases"! -- [pooh!]

HOWEVER... There was this "SALE"... MOST of the *already* "CLEARANCE"-RED-Tagged ITEMS were an **ADDITIONAL** 50%-OFF!!?! -- Especially, on SCRAPBOOKING-STUFF. *NEEDLESS to Say, MOTHER was a "HAPPY-SCRAPPER"!! - Although the CHECKOUT-CLERK, maybe *not* so much..? - EACH ITEM had to be Manually-Keyed for the Discount!! -- [poor SHAUNA!]

SO... Let's SEE "WHAT" I got!!

The GLASS PEBBLES were down to $1.24 per Bag. The Actual-Colour is closer to a JADE-GREEN.

The LITTLE RIBBONS came in at 12-Cents-Each. Which is Good, seeing as They're only 4-Feet worth. I didn't *really* need Them, but, MOTHER got a Handful, so I figured "why not"?

And THEN, there was This STAMPING DIE SET for the eventual Price of $3.75!! -- "Originally"-Priced at $39.99??!! -- IT's "LETTERS". Should no doubt, "come in handy" SOMEday...

Meanwhile, there were a Few Other smaller STAMPING KITS for even Less -- MOTHER is keeping Those amongst HER "STASH"!

Anyway, We were Scavenging the Store for at least an Hour! -- Finally ran into MANAGER-DAVE! Although He was "around" or, a Wave "across-a-Crowded-Store", We hadn't had a chance to actually *TALK* in almost 2 Weeks!

We *caught* Him just before He was going "to Lunch"... MOTHER ended up Chatting Him up for a while before I had emerged from the YARN-Section... Apparently, My upcoming *Birthday* was "mentioned" in Their Conversation...

I put in a "Request" for a little "SIGN" marking My Own *PARKING SPACE*..? - However, the SNOWBANKS in *front* of My Fav Spots could pose to be a Problem... hmm... Some GLITTER SPRAY PAINT could work...

Whilst the SUN was *still* UP, We decided to pop into VALUE-VILLAGE on Our way to THE MALL. - It's been a while...

I ended up Buying FABRIC that I really *don't* NEED for that "HOUSE" that I DON'T "HAVE"!! -- BUT, I *Liked* IT!! And, the Price wasn't *that* Bad...

This KIWI-ish GREEN and WHITE STRIPED "REMNANT" is almost 4-YARDS. Although IT doesn't "Say", I Believe that IT *IS* COTTON.

This OTHER PIECE appears to be *mostly* WOOL..?

The Quality is rather Nice and the Colours are considerably *more* apparent "in Person"!

There's about 1.5-Meters.

ANYHOO... *BEFORE* I had come across the FABRICS, I did a Tour about the "HOUSEWARES"-Section...

As I perused the Shelves, I hadn't *Noticed* This PITCHER until SOME-OTHER-WOMAN had picked IT up...

CRAP! -- IT looks GOOD!

I *casually* "FAKED" Browsing around the Shelving-Unit, WAITING to see *IF* She was going to "KEEP" IT!?

MUST keep My "Distance"!

oh.. YES! She's CHANGED Her Mind and putting IT BACK!!

Must WAIT *until* She's MOVED ON. *OUT* of Sight!!

ALRIGHTY! -- Let's check This Puppy OUT!

o-kay... $5.99 is a tad "Steep" for a Pitcher... BUT, hang on...


AND, IT *is* STONEWARE! -- Not to mention, that BLUE and WHITE is quite lovely... *AND*, I have MUCH-STUFF-TO-MATCH!!

I've been doing some "RESEARCH", TRYING to get more INFO on the Potters - "NORTHWIND STONEWARE INC." of KITCHENER, ONTARIO... From what I can tell, They don't appear to be "around" any more!??

So far, I've only Located TWO Similar Pieces. SAME Shape and Glazing-Style - more or less... HOWEVER, Both have *quite* DIFFERENT "MAKER's MARKS"!?

The OTHERS are PRESS-STAMPED into the pre-Fired Clay, while THIS ONE has only been "INK"-STAMPED..? -- And, I've yet to source any Other References... THIS could be an Earlier OR, Later Piece..??

Perhaps, a "SECOND"-Piece? -- There does seem to be what *might* be a fine HAIRLINE "Impact"-Crack under the Glaze..? You can just make IT out under the Ink. - [the faint orangey X-line] - THAT would "explain" the Lack of any STAMP-IMPRESSIONS. Otherwise, the Shape and Glaze are too exact for THIS to be a "Knock-Off"!

*WHATEVER* the Case, I *still* LIKE IT!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Ooo! (-15C) + NO Windchill = *HEATWAVE*!!



So. I got a *tad* "Domestic" Today... okay. TRY, *really* HARD to NOT "PASS-OUT" from SHOCK! -- I did Say "tad". And, the "domestic" only went as far as a Couple of Loads of LAUNDRY. As in, SOCKS and some BED "LINENS"... I wanted to try out Yesterday's *New* FLANNEL SHEET SET Purchase! - And, My Duvet-Cover was in *need* of "Freshing-Up"...

MEANWHILE, I also got around to Photographing Yesterday's OTHER ACQUISITIONS...


Actually, it's been QUITE a *WHILE* since THEY've had ANY "New" Stock in Their Stores!! - Let alone, any NEW "COLOURS"!!

The REST of My STUFF is from BOWRING....

These 14-Inch FAUX-CROC SERVING TRAYS were down to $9.99 Each. -- They're actually rather nicely made...

I'm sure that I have *SOMETHING* to "GO" with THEM!

I also got - [BELOW]TWO Similar 15-Inch PLATTERS for $3.20 Each...

The somewhat *FRAGILE* "Mercury"-GLASS CUPCAKE ORNAMENTS were 99-Cents Each. Picked up FIVE each of Those. -- I will likely be "GIFTING" Them...

And, the $2.50 GLASS ACORN DISH will be going to SISTER -- [DON'T Tell Her!!]

Got FOUR of the LAVENDER-BEADED FLOWER NAPKIN RINGS. - $1.50 Each. -- *I'm* keeping These! As I DO have Other Stuff to go with Them. -- nuts! I probably should have gotten a Few MORE!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

You know, on Second-Thought...

"STORAGE" THIS YEAR!?! -- BUT, then again, IT's too BULKY to *DRIVE* in! Although, IT was GREAT for those -40 Days when I used to WALK that MILE to WORK! - Despite the Fact that IT had to *weigh* about 20-Pounds!!

"BERTHA" is Made of lovely NATURAL DARK BROWN LONG-HAIR-BEAVER with matching Coloured RUSSIAN-LAMB TRIMMING. IT's also Calf-Length! However, ITS *BEST* and MOST *USEFUL* Feature is the DETACHABLE-HOOD that I had had Custom-Made for IT. - With that Same LAMB on the Outside and lined with SHEARED-BEAVER...

I seriously MISS the WARMTH of that HOOD!! Especially, in Today's "IT-*had*-to-be-MINUS-35C-WINDCHILL" WIND-SWEPT Parking Lots at TRAINYARD! - Somehow, the TURTLENECK, BALL-CAP, TOQUE, Fitted-COWL, and HOODIE just *didn't* quite DO the Trick!!

ALAS, BERTHA has been in STORAGE for 8-Years or so, because I *really* do NOT have the "ROOM" to Properly *CARE* for IT! NOR, have had a *NEED* to WEAR IT during the Recent *MILD* WINTERS of the Past Decade. -- I have Other COATS that are far better suited for the *usual* -10C to -25C Range... Of course, THEY also happen to be "TRAPPED" in "THE ROOM"...

ANYHOO... Despite the SUNNINESS, the Temps were *&^:"<<>^&*&^@# FREEZING Out Today!! But, *THANKFULLY*, "BLINKY" - [FATHER's SOLAR-PANEL-BATTERY-CHARGER] - was Working quite WELL, so THE CAR was Content! -- Seriously, in *these* Temps EVERY *little-bit* HELPS!

BTW, I didn't have Time Tonight to PHOTOGRAPH the Day's "BOOTY" as the COMPUTER has been a tad HINKY! AND, I'd *like* to GET to Bed BEFORE **DAWN** THIS Week!!?! -- The VAMPIRE-HOURS are becoming Bothersome...

Whatever... I'll DO Them Tomorrow.

As to the HIGHLIGHTS...

WALMART has FINALLY gotten some NEW BERNAT HANDICRAFTER-COTTON YARN "IN-Stock"!! -- Not a "Lot", but Enough to Scratch My CHARGE-CARD!

Popped into MICHAEL'S *Briefly*! Just picked up ONE more GRAB-BAG for MOTHER - if ONLY to justify the Visit. Besides, I was WITHOUT Coupons and had ALREADY reached My YARN-"QUOTA" for the Day!

Meanwhile, Our "LOCAL" BOWRING over at THE-NEARBY-STRIP-MALL across from THE MALL, is CLOSING-DOWN in a Few Days, so I decided to Check IT out... "WHATEVER" *isn't* going to be sent to Their Other Stores, wasn't really all THAT much "ON-SALE"! -- I got SOME Small-Items. "Future-GIFTS"..?? And, the Odd-Thing for ME!

o-kay... Gonna POST THIS. Get a bit of KNITTING done. THEN, *to* Bed!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013



BTW, the WINDCHILL was -38C Last Night!! And the DAYtime Temps weren't that much better, EITHER!

oh. LOOK! The WINDCHILL right NOW is -35C and *might* just HOLD at THAT..? -- YEP! Definitely, *WINTER*!!

Anyhoo... I started on THIS...

If *only* to KEEP My FINGERS from FREEZING-UP!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Had I Gone "SOLO"...

...I'D HAVE BEEN HOME 2-HOURS *EARLIER*!! - And, with way LESS in the TRUNK!

Whilst MANAGE-DAVE "hid" in His BACKROOM-BURROW, His Merry-MICHAEL'S-MAIDENS were CLEARING away the LAST of the CHRISTMAS-STUFF by way of Filling-up "$2."-GRAB-BAGS. -- THEIR method of "RETAIL-RECYCLING"..?

And, One of MOTHER's Fav Acquisition-Activities - "BIN"-BINGE-ING! -- The GIRLS couldn't pack those BAGS quick enough! By the Time I got back to Her, the CART was *already* FULL!!

Of course, She was going for the ONES that had the "Expensive"-RIBBON in... Actually, She ended up with quite the *BARGAIN*-HAUL with that Stuff! -- SIX-BAGS-plus-the-"CUSTOM"-[THANKS, AMANDA!]-PACKED-One-*LATER*, MOTHER progressed a Few Bins *over* to the "$1.99"-CAKE-STUFF. - [SEE 15JAN2013 POST]

Not all *that* much LEFT! - YET, there were a FEW ITEMS that I hadn't seen LAST Time... Along with THOSE, MOTHER also "Insisted" on getting some OTHERS that I had *already* MENTIONED that I had Acquired **PREVIOUSLY**!

MEANWHILE... The Remaining PATONS-5-BALL-YARN-PACKS are *still* $9.99! -- I picked-up Another ONE of the "CURRANT". ITS *CORAL* Hue goes quite well with MANY of the Other COLOURS.

Besides, *I* had to Buy SOMETHING!!

And, JUST getting THESE TWO BALLS with the "40%-OFF-COUPON", as well as the "2 for $10." DUCT TAPE wasn't gonna "CUT IT"!

A HOUR LATER, We headed off to get GROCERIES! -- Personally, had I been SOLO, I would've done a "RECCE" of *more* of the OTHER STORES... HOWEVER, there was still much left to be Done, that was on MOTHER's "LIST"!

Hope I don't run out of TRUNK-**SPACE**!!

..uh-oh... TOO LATE!!

By the Time We got to THE MALL - for even MORE Food - the BACKSEAT was seeing some "Cargo"-Action!

BTW, have I Mentioned the "ICE-RINK" that is My Laneway and Front Walkway..?

AFTER the SECOND "SLID-TRIP" of UN-Loading The VEHICLE, I *lost* COUNT! - Was *too* BUSY trying NOT to SLIP!! ...IN the -25C "DARK"!

you know... ALL of the COLOURFUL *WIDE* RIBBON, would WORK well as "PATH-MARKERS"!? -- yeah. I'm liking THAT!!


Monday, January 21, 2013

HEY! - ANYONE want a RINK??


okay... THEN perhaps, some lovely Hand-CARVED-High-Back-SEATING in the rather Extensive SNOWBANK..? -- From which, to ENJOY the FRONT-Row-VIEW of watching Various-VISITORS navigate across the ICY Expanse "where even SQUIRRELS *FEAR* to Scamper", against a Picturesque Background of SNOW-Covered-CEDAR-BUSHES...

right... HOCKEY-*SEASON*-TICKETS would probably be EASIER to Unload!

Sooo... The "DOWN-SIDE" of constantly MAINTAINING the Driveway, IS that *when* ICE forms on IT, the STUFF sticks EVERYwhere! And, is SLIPPERY! **VERY** SLIPPERY... "SLOPES" and "GRAVITATIONAL-ANOMALIES" are BOTH to be AVOIDED by the VERTICALLY-MOBILE!

AS should, *Allowing* THE-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS to go "Shopping" in the -20Cish WEATHER! BUT, THEY Both wanted to go OUT! -- *THANKFULLY*, THEY got to The CAR without *incident*! - Although, I'm pretty certain that FATHER did a "SKID" with IT after Pulling out of the Garage..? On PURPOSE!

    [INSERT "AUNTIE" *mentally* banging Her HEAD against the FROSTED-Front-Door-Window! Since, if She did THAT *physically*, Said-Cranium would either Break Said-Window, OR just FREEZE to IT!!]

BTW, have I *mentioned* Recently about My LACK of a "LIFE"..? - [just saying...]

oh. And, "speaking-of-which", MOTHER is *INSISTING* on Tagging-along for **MY** "usual" SOLO-SHOPPING, Tomorrow! - Even DESPITE, the Forecasted "-30C" Temps!! much for My "DAY-OFF"!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Upon FROZEN Puddles...


okay. soooo....

IT *didn't* RAIN! - Last Night OR Today... A "GOOD THING"!!

BUT, as the Bright and SHINY Dawn arrived, the EXPECTED COLD-FRONT came along *much* SOONER! - AND, in the rather UN-anticipated "Form" of GUSTING-FRIGID-WIND!! -- I hadn't figured on THAT one!


Meanwhile, at *some* Time during the WARM Evening, a NOT-SO-EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY had actually PROPERLY "TRIMMED" away the ROAD-SNOW-"POOP" along The CURB! And, of course, ended up BURYING the SEWER once again! - Although, not *that* Badly...

However, there was the USUAL "WAVE"-DEBRIS just IN Our Lane... WHICH, was in *NEED* of Removal *BEFORE* IT could FREEZE-UP into Something that would take a BLOWTORCH to MELT! And, Temps were Falling FAST! -- I was literally trying to Beat the THERMOMETER!


Remember that MELTWATER..? -- Well... IT sorta went OVER the "LIP" of the GARAGE-DOOR...

Remember that SUDDEN "FREEZING"..? -- Well... The DOOR is sorta Frozen-TO-the-CEMENT-FLOOR!!

Remember how My ICE-CHOPPER is IN the GARAGE..? -- Well... I *HOPE* that My *Good* ARM is STRONG ENOUGH to PULL the Door "FREE"..? Otherwise, I am *totally* SCREWED!


I GOT the Door OPEN! Then, Discovered that the nearby offending-ICE was only a Centimeter-THICK with WATER Beneath! - huh...

And, the DEBRIS-WAVE was *still* SOFT! - With some WATER there as well... hmm...

Later, I checked out that FLAT-ICY section of the Walkway to the Side of the House... oh-kay... Slightly THICKER-ICE over 3-Inches of WATER!! -- Chopping and SCOOPING soon Commenced!

I only stayed OUT for an Hour. Temps were DROPPING and the WIND was picking UP! -- Gonna be in the -20C to -30C range for the next FEW Days... Just like IT *USED TO BE* a Decade AGO! -- Hopefully, I'll get more KNITTING done..?

So. THIS is Finished! -- Remember, the "YELLOW" is actually *more* "GREEN"...


PATONS "Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77223-Lemongrass
- Colour: 77435-Water Chestnut


Saturday, January 19, 2013


MOTHER IS SOOO *BUMMED*-OUT ABOUT IT!! -- Yet, *I'M* the One who was OUT for almost *3-HOURS* TRYING to CLEAR-UP the Driveway, so that "SOME DAY" We *CAN* go Shopping..?!!

*IF*, IT's not TOO *TREACHEROUS*, We might take a stab at IT Tomorrow!? -- So long as EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY doesn't leave Me with a WALL-of-SLUSH... OR, any FREEZING-RAIN... Or, MELT-Puddles EVERYwhere!

so. We got SNOW Last Night. LOTS of SNOW. 9-Plus-INCHES of LIGHT-DRY-SNOW! And, some DRIFT Action going on... LUCKILY, that Snow-QUALITY *stayed* THAT way as I proceeded to REMOVE IT! - EVEN the FOOT-DEEP-Driveway-END-*DEBRIS* was actually LESS Arduous to SCRAPE away than usual... YAY!

Now... IF the RAIN can just HOLD-OFF, then Monday's *Predicted* RE-FREEZE won't be so Troublesome... yeah. right! Who am I kidding?!

At this Point, I just WANT the WEATHER to be *NICE* Out so MOTHER can get Her "WEEKEND"-SHOP-FARI-ing DONE! And, so I *don't* have to listen to Her "Complaining" about IT if She "doesn't"...

MEANWHILE... I'm ALMOST Finished with This Week's HAT. Just ONE more "PANEL" to go! -- I'm really LIKING the COLOUR-COMBO!


Friday, January 18, 2013

aarrrggghhhhhh!!! -- I. *should*. have. been. IN. Bed. an. HOUR. AGO!!

BUT, NOOOooooooo.....

No. "WHY?" EVER would THAT Happen..? huh?? -- Just because "WHAT" I *needed* to do should **ONLY** have taken a FEW-MINUTES, is no Reason why IT should HAVE! - duh! WHAT *was* I THINKING??!!

ANYWAY... DESPITE My *many*-MADDENING-"MATRIX"-esque-Moments, I DID manage to get at least *HALF-a-HAT* DONE!! -- BTW, that "LEMONGRASS" Colour is MUCH more of a "GREEN"-Hue... "FLASH"-Photography is such a PAIN with the Colour-Metering!

MEANWHILE... TEMPS are heading UP again... Which, is probably *WHY* there's a Strong Rumour of SNOW for Overnight and Tomorrow..?? - Better NOT *BE*!! We have MUCH to DO! And, PLACES to BE! -- "SHOVELLING" is NOT *ON* The LIST!!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

*Watch* Your Step! - The THERMOMETER Just FELL...


A *nice* SUNNY Day!! Almost "PERFECT"... EXCEPT, for that NASTY -17C [-22C Windchill] part!! -- BTW, IT's -20C [-27C Windchill] at the Moment! - Was ONLY -2C at THIS Time LAST Night!!

IT was "MILK-RUN-Over-to-COSTCO-Day"... *AFTER* I managed to get ALL of the "LAYERS" of Clothing ON! - *Fortunately*, I left during JUST the *right* TRAFFIC-*LACKING* Period, as My ARMS and HEAD "Range-of-MOTION" were SOMEwhat "LIMITED"...

-- All I needed was a BLAST-MASK and KEVLAR-GLOVES and that whole "..CUT-THE-*BLUE*-WIRE.." POSTER-GIRL Thingy was sooo *totally* HAPPENING!!


The HOT-Out-the-Microwave HALIBUT and BEEF-RAVIOLI were particularly YUMMY! As were the Pieces of DARK-CHOCOLATE!! - *REALLY*-NICE-SERVER-LADY gave Me "EXTRAS" to take HOME for THE-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS...

I had toyed with the "Idea" of Popping into VALUE-VILLAGE on the Way HOME, however, I wanted to get *ahead* of RUSH-HOUR *while* I still COULD! -- Besides, the THERMAL-ARMOUR was becoming Cumbersome!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

huh. Whaddaya know, it IS *Possible* to...

.."MALL"-SHOP WITH MOTHER IN *UNDER* 2-HOURS!! -- Seriously. Who'd have Thunk?!

ANYHOO... Apparently, THE-BIG-MALL had a "SIDEWALK-SALE" going on Today.
- Something that MOTHER "Lives FOR"!! -- HOWEVER, FATHER had Stuff that ALSO needed Doing, *TODAY*!

So much for ANY "Hopes" of taking another *Side-Trip* to TRAINYARDS again...

WHATEVER... We only hit a Few "MUST-Go-To" Shops. And, of course, got side-lined by the odd SALE-"TABLE" outside of the "We-NEVER-Go-INTO-There" Places along the way! -- We had to Separate at Times to MAINTAIN the *SCHEDULE*!

As, She's a tad SLOW on the Walking, more than once I had to "Point" Her into the *Desired*-Direction to get a HEAD-START whilst I, finished up at the Checkouts... IT seemed to "Work" -- MOST of the Time...

So. "WHAT" did I GET?!
  • *Another* SHIRT-TOP at THE GAP - that I really DON'T NEED! *But*, was already marked-down and then had another 40%-OFF! - Besides, IT's WHITE & NAVY STRIPED with a Hoodie... A "Casual"-Classic!
  • For a DOLLAR-Each, some soft Fake-Leather BUSINESS-CARD-HOLDERS - [Thought it might be a handy way of Collecting VENDOR-CARDS at the CRAFT-SHOWS..?] - and a 10-Pack of RECORDABLE-DVDs. - Always good to have around...

And THEN, I Spotted THESE GUYS...

...Outside of the Pharmacy.

MOTHER had already been over There and gotten some Other SMALLER-STUFFED-ANIMALS for a QUARTER-Each...

So. There THEY are, just the TWO. Standing about a Foot-High. Granted, not all that "Well-Made", YET still Looking *ever* so "CUTE"! And, nevertheless, *LURING* Me towards THEM...

I got to Thinking -- Perhaps, having ONE on My CRAFT-SHOW-TABLES as a sorta *DISPLAY-MASCOT*, might "Visually" work in *Attracting* the Odd-CUSTOMER..??! - OR, Their *Impressionable*-OFFSPRING..?


SWEET! -- Although, I had initially intended to just Purchase ONE, at *that* Price I just COULDN'T "Split" THEM up! - THEY were just sooo "TOGETHER"...

Meanwhile, DON'T ask Me Which-ONE is *Which*, but for Now I'm Calling THEM --



Tuesday, January 15, 2013


...just saying...

AFTER, getting about 4 *GREEN-LIGHTS* in a Row, I just *knew* that SOMEthing "KARMIC" was going on...

More GREEN-LIGHTS... *Sparse* TRAFFIC... Plenty of Empty Spaces in the MICHAEL'S Lot -- I pull into "FAV-SPOT-#2".

And, as I open My Door, a *GLINT* on the Ground in the Empty-Space next to Me, *Catches* My Eye... oh. LOOK! - The PARKING-LOT-FAIRY has "BLESSED" Me with COINS on the Ground!! -- A Dime. A Nickel...

ahh.. that's kinda *weird*... WHY are Those FIVE-PENNIES *placed* like a PENTAGON..?? hmm...

[INSERT "TWILIGHT ZONE" Music... If only to liven up the Mood.]

oh! what the hell! I can't let the poor little beggars *freeze* and get run over! -- I popped Them into My nice *warm* Pocket!

Now. At some Point in the PAST, I had sorta Promised Myself to NOT Buy any *more* BOXES! - Unless of course, They were Priced at 6 for $10. - However, the $2.50-Each Ones in the OUTSIDE-BINS had THESE 3 "CANADIANA" TYPES in them!! - I got TWO of Each...

Well, that pretty much FILLED My CART, and I wasn't even *completely* INTO the STORE yet!! -- yes... "FORCES" *are* at WORK Here...

The TIN-ish PLAQUES at the $1.50-Regular-Price were My next Cart-Deposit. - [$1.35 after the SENIORS'-DAY-DISCOUNT]

Hey! There's MANAGER-DAVE putting out "90%-OFF"-Signs on the Leftover-CHRISTMAS-Stuff... Let's check IT out, huh?

With the DISCOUNT --
  • LARGE TINS - 44-Cents each
  • SMALL TINS - [ABOVE] 31-Cents each - got Two
  • MINI-SOCKS - 76-Cents each - got Three of each Colour
  • CHECKER-SOCK - 22-Cents

  • PURPLE - $1.07
  • RED - $1.52 - Got Four
  • GREEN - $1.21 - Got 4 in Both-Sizes

THEN... In an Aisle-Display just across from the from My "HOLIDAY"-Pillaging, was "CAKE"-STUFF...


Stuff that is *usually* Priced from $10. to $22. STUFF!

Stuff that was now going for *ONLY* "$1.99"-Each STUFF!!

I had to GET an Extra SHOPPING-BASKET!!

BTW, These PUNCHES also *need* a Special "BASE"-UNIT... [Not pictured] - *THOSE* were NOT "ON-SALE"!

However, *not* to FEAR! A couple of 40%-OFF-Coupons got THOSE down to $15.-Each! -- I needed TWO-Sizes...

WELL! -- SISTER's Future "Birthday" and "CHRISTMAS" GIFTS are now COVERED!!

MEANWHILE, I had been IN the STORE for over 40-Minutes and STILL hadn't gotten to the YARN-SECTION!!

But, WHEN I did...

okay. So. The SAME Bins of the PATONS "$19.99" 5-BALL-PACKS have been around for WEEKS. Loaded with "PINKS"... That, I have "enough" of.

[cough!] - yeah. right!

Anyhoo... so, I'm "Helping" this OLDER-FRENCH-LADY to find *another* Pack of the HEATHER-Shade as We "Discuss" the YARN and ITS "PRICE"...yadda, yadda...

BUT, it's not until AFTER I find Said Colour, that I happen to finally "NOTICE" the *TINY*-Somewhat-HIDDEN-SIGN that says "$9.99"!!?

MERDE!! -- NO Wonder She was Babbling about the LOW-PRICE!!

    [NOTE TO SELF -- *REMEMBER* to give MANAGER-DAVE an "AUNTIE"-Pout when I see Him again!! - He's disappeared...]

Well... THOSE will soon be Selling-Off... I *piled-on* TWO-PINKS and a lone ORANGE Pack! -- TIME to head to the CHECKOUT!!

I ended up Steering TWO CARTS to THE CAR! -- The TRUNK was now *FULL*!!

And, apparently, The PARKING-LOT-FAIRY had LEFT for the Day! -- I checked. No more "Extra" MAGICAL-MONEY to Apply to My *NEXT* CHARGE-CARD "BILL"!! -- pooh!

I had "PLANNED" on Perusing a Few OTHER Stores, but the Hour was getting on and, I still HAD to get to THE MALL for some GROCERY-SPECIALS... I'm almost *Tempted* to get CAKE!?


Monday, January 14, 2013

**WARNING!!** For THOSE Over "50" -- The Colours in THIS *HAT*...

..MAY CAUSE "FLASHBACKS" TO THE 60s!! - Or, at the very Least, *Retinal-DAMAGE*!!

No wonder that the ICE has been MELTING!!

"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77616-Dragon Dance
- Colour: 00230-Bright Red


Sunday, January 13, 2013

A *HAT* Without End...

..OR, IT JUST SEEMS LIKE IT! -- I've been Working on IT - [or at least, *TRYING* TO] - for a Few WEEKS now!! But, SHOVELLING and *STUFF* have been getting IN the Way of My NEEDLE-Time...

ANYHOO, seeing as I DIDN'T *have to* go OUT Today, I did a Marathon *PUSH* of Finishing THIS off as I RE-watched My DVDs of "WORLD WITHOUT END"... A Great MINI-SERIES-SEQUEL to "The PILLARS of the EARTH"!

Seriously, IT's a WONDER that *ANY* of Our ANCESTORS managed to SURVIVE back Then! - OR, that I *finally* got THIS DONE!!

However, the Hour is LATE. And, I *must* GET to BED!! -- So, MORE Pics Tomorrow and a "NAME"!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Celebrating MAID-MARE's B-DAY with Record-*Breaking*-Temps!!

IT WENT UP TO +7C!! -- IT should be "minus" 7C! - [used to be -17C "back-in-the-Day"...]

Now, *normally* that would SEEM to be a "Good-Thing' in the dead of WINTER, however... There's still a LOT of SNOW out there. That has NO Choice but to MELT!

    A "WINTER-FYI" -- Unless You're planning on Building a SKATING-RINK, 4-INCHES of MELTWATER *over* an INCH of Smooth-SLIPPERY-*ICE*, is *NOT* a "Favoured" Sidewalk/Driveway/ANY-Walking-Over SURFACE!!

BTW, *MOST* of the MELTWATER is from the ROOFS!

MEANWHILE, considering the Day's TEMPS and the Expected *Higher* Ones for Tomorrow, I had to forego My usual SATURDAY-SHOP-EDITIONS with MOTHER. Instead, FATHER *BRAVED* the Duties of "Mingling"-With-the-MASSES! Whilst I, set out to CHOP-CHIP-and-SCRAPE-AWAY the Softening 2-Inches of ICE *EVERYWHERE*, that I was unable to Yesterday...

So *glad* that I had the FORE-Sight to make all of those little HOLES *where* I could, THEN!
-- It allowed the Warmer AIR to get UNDER *certain* ICY-AREAS, as well as some MELTWATER.
I *TRY* to get NATURE to *WORK* "for" Me, *HOW* ever possible!

WHATEVER, I was still *OUT* There for 3-HOURS! -- CHOPPING, is arduous - [The JURY is still out on whether any of this is "helping" My CRAPPY-LEFT-SHOULDER!]. ICE, is Heavier than SNOW to MOVE - [My RIGHT-THUMB isn't doing all that well, either]. And, I probably should have worn One of My COTTON SCARVES instead of the usual WOOLEN One... My SUN-GLASSES were actually FOGGING-UP at one point from the HEAT I was Generating!

Gonna BLAME *that* on the HALF-HOUR I Spent *Attempting* to CARVE a *TINY* TROUGH along the Curb-Line INTO the 8-Feet-Long-2-Feet-High-and-Wide-THICK-ICE-*DEBRIS*-WALL between the End of My LANE **TO** the SEWER!! -- Quite Surprisingly, there hasn't been a PUDDLE "Build-Up", *yet*!

Although, Tomorrow could be DIFFERENT Matter altogether! -- RAIN is in the Forecast... *MORE* SCOOPING in My Future!!

HOPE My BOOTS **DRY** up IN Time!!

..going to go KNIT now...



Friday, January 11, 2013

In Search of the SEWER...


For a while, I thought I might have to get a Metal-Detector or whatever, to FIND the GRATE! - But, *Luckily*, IT was actually WHERE I had *hoped* that IT would be! Despite, the 3-Feet of SNOWY-ICY-PLOW-CRAP *covering* IT...

Meanwhile, the TEMPS have stayed a tad Cooler than *Expected*, so I haven't been faced with any *sudden* MELTDOWNS. Actually, there's a good 1 to 2-Inches of ICE covering Everything! -- Successful CHOPPING was *Spotty*, at best! However, *FISSURES* have been formed... The "ICECAP" has been *Weakened*!

There's suppose to be FREEZING-RAIN, Tonight... Perhaps more, Tomorrow..? - So, *any* SHOP-EDITIONS will be a LAST-Minute Decision!

Honestly, I'd rather just STAY HOME and *PLAY* with My YARN!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

And, THIS Week's MELTDOWN Continues...

IT WAS +6C TODAY! - A Decade ago, the Daily-Average-TEMP would've been -26C! hmm... There might be Something to this GLOBAL "WARMING" Thingy after all...

Anyway, the SUN was *OUT* - for the most part... And, with the "HEATWAVE", MELTWATER is happening - although, *slowly*... THANK YOU! -- Then FREEZES up again Overnight.

I had to do a bit of ICE-CHOPPING upon My Return from COSTCO. The "QUALITY" in certain spots was just *right* for easier REMOVAL! And, some WATER needed to be Scooped as well... *RAIN* is in the Forecast for Tomorrow, so the *more* ICE and WATER that can be moved *away* from the HOUSE, the *BETTER*!!

I just HOPE that I DON'T have to WADE through some GIANT-PUDDLE to *FIND* the SNOW-Covered SEWER Tomorrow! -- I would have Cleared IT Today, but the SNOW was too HARD and I wasn't "Dressed" FOR IT...

MEANWHILE... COSTCO was UNexciting. Except maybe, for having to Drive THE CAR over some NASTY ICY-SNOW CHUNKS... I **HOPE** I DIDN'T do ANYthing "Damaging" to the UNDERside!?!

Popped into HOMESENSE again Afterward... Despite the Odd TEMPTATION, I managed to come out Purchase-LESS! -- However, there *were* These COOL LAMPS... Just a tad Pricey though.

BTW, have I Mentioned My LAMP-"COLLECTION"..??


Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Yep! At some point in the *Early*-Hours, the "Roadway"-MOUNTAINS had been quietly - [at least, I didn't hear Them!] - done AWAY with... WOOHOO!!

HOWEVER, I've YET to go OUT and *SURVEY* the AFTERMATH... Rumour has IT, that the SEWER is *likely* COVERED! - Hopefully, not *too* BADLY, as the TEMPS have been ABOVE the "FREEZING-MARK" *ALL* Day!!

THANKFULLY, the WIND has been *keeping* the MELTDOWN to a Minimum! -- I see SCOOPING in My "FUTURE"... *AFTER* I do the "MILK-RUN"!

ANYHOO... Back on the INSIDE... *Finally* got THIS FINISHED!! -- IT *should* have been Done, YESTERDAY!


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77708-Emerald
- Colour: 00230-Bright Red


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

STUFF to DO! PLACES to BE! - Now, IF I could *ONLY*...


The INTERSECTION of MONTREAL ROAD and ST.LAURENT BOULEVARD - I'm in the WESTBOUND-LEFT-TURNING-LANE in Spot-15ish? I've been There for OVER 10-Minutes!! WHY? -- Because...
  • TRAFFIC. Obviously.
  • The LEFT-TURN-*ARROW*-LIGHT is only ON for about 10 to 12 Seconds..?
  • The FIRST CAR **DOESN'T** TURN until "SECOND-8"..!!??
  • *MAYBE* 3-Cars GET through at each SIGNAL-ROTATION..?
  • PEOPLE? Get a &^%%$^%&^ CLUE!!

Needless to say, WHEN *I* was FIRST at the LIGHT - waiting - by the end of SECOND-*2*, I was already THROUGH the TURN!!

WHAT was supposed to have been a "Quick" Stop at a "MEAT"-Store - since IT was just across the Road from the GROCERY-Store that I *had* to go to - ended up taking a good HALF-HOUR *CHUNK* out of *MY* Time!! -- IT was bad enough that I had Left the HOUSE Later than WHEN I had "PLANNED"... A REvised "FLIGHT-PLAN" was being "Filed"!

  • The BANK First... "Empty"! - TELLERS are "Standing-By"... YAY!
  • Next, had a LETTER to POST...
  • Afterward, a Circuit of the Mall...
  • THE GAP - yeah, of course, I Bought SOMETHING! - A *heavy* COTTON ZIPPERED-CARDIGAN. Was already over HALF-OFF, then *another* 30%-OFF! And, IT's "NAVY". -- IT'll be WORN!
  • THE BODY SHOP - WooHoo! The SHOWER-GEL I like that wasn't "IN-STOCK" the Last Time I was IN, now "IS" *and* HALF-PRICE?! -- I picked-up a FEW. - oh. Have to RENEW My "DISCOUNT"-MEMBERSHIP, too... No prob. Still getting a "Deal"!

Off to MICHAEL'S... "SENIORS' DISCOUNT DAY"!! - Been a WHILE! - [silly HOLIDAYS being on TUESDAY!]

TODAY's "MISSION" - Get MORE of what *might* be LEFT of the CHRISTMAS STUFF! - [SEE 05JAN2013 POST] - I loaded-up on Those "TAKE-OUT"-BOXES! Thirty *more*! And, another BALL of the "LEMONGRASS" YARN! - That "SMART-CAMERA" 40%-OFF-COUPON was still GOOD!

Got some RIBBON. The One with the LADYBUGS was actually part of the "75%-OFF-RETURNED-ITEMS-CLEARANCE" Stuff. AS were the KNITTING NEEDLES! - [$1.87 *before* other Discounts!]

The Chrome WREATH-HANGER was a little over a Couple of DOLLARS... IT's a great Hook, I'll probably Use IT for Something ELSE. There were More available, however, My SENIORS'-Discount didn't "APPLY" to IT. -- Maybe if They're still around Next Week, I'll get Extras...

At about 40-Cents, the *LAST* Green METAL-BELL was just begging for a New Home! Same Price for the COOKIE-CUTTERS...

And THEN, there were the CLEAR-PLASTIC-"BULBS" -- There was this "Basket" FULL of Them... Staring up AT Me... "Subliminally"-Shouting, "..BUY US, AUNTIE!! We *know* You'll think of *Something*-Profoundly-PITHY to put INTO US!!"

IT was Large Basket... Had about 20 or so BULBS... But, at 62-Cents for the Larger-FLAT-Ones and 57-Cents for the ROUND-Ones -- ah, what-the-hell! -- I Bought Them ALL!

hmm..."pithy", huh? -- How's "SHEEP-IN-A-BUBBLE", sound?



Monday, January 7, 2013

Squirreling through the Vegging-Crisper...

"...Hey! Is that the PEANUT-GUY? -- GOOD! About time! Been FREEZING my *walnuts* WAITING!"

QUICK! *MARK* IT on a Calendar! -- I **DIDN'T** have to SHOVEL, "TODAY"! - [Although, FATHER did go OUT for a bit to get some Fresh-FREEZING-Air and Piddle-about...] - A GOOD Thing, as IT was a tad NIPPY despite the SUNLIGHT...

I stayed IN to get some NEEDED "Vegging" done! - Which, oddly enough, did INCLUDE the Slicing-Up of VEGETABLES! huh.

Meanwhile, got some *GOOD* "MAIL", too! -- A new MAGAZINE and, a CHEQUE *will* Brighten-Up ANY Day! - Guess I'll be Adding a BANK to Tomorrow's "SOLO-SHOP"-SCHEDULE...

-- That is, IF I can get to Bed "EARLIER" Tonight!?

Seriously?? -- WHY IS IT, that *EVERY* TIME I need and WANT to "POST" *QUICKLY*, some STU-PID "CYBER" *CRAP* HAPPENS!!?? - UPLOADING should NOT be taking THIS LONG, even *with* "DIAL-UP"!!

oh. wait. "Apparently", IT *did* LOAD. - Just *not* WHERE IT's *suppose* to!! -- AARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

...and, THIS is *WHY* I'm **ALWAYS** having to SPEND **4-HOURS** every other NIGHT "TRYING" to Post an ENTRY that SHOULD have ONLY taken 15-MINUTES!!
-- so You ALL "KNOW"...

ANYHOO... Managed to get more KNITTING Done as well... I need to Learn HOW to do a *SLEEP*-Stitch!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

you know, I was *kinda* HOPING that...


However, IT SNOWED *AGAIN* Last Night!! - A good 6 to 8-Inches of FLUFF! - [THANK YOU!] - So much for THAT "WISH"!

My "DAY"...
  • Didn't get TO Bed until 5am-ish...
  • Up LATE!
  • THE BODY is *still* SORE! - Kinda RE-strained that BAD-Arm again after coming back from Shopping Yesterday...
  • Snowing.
  • Went OUT to SHOVEL... Until SUNDOWN. Though, *difficult* to TELL for all of the THICK OVERCASTness!
  • MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR had Offered to Snow-BLOWER part of the Laneway, but I *saved* that Favour for Another Day. - He'd already done 2 and the SNOW was Light...
  • Just more of IT than I thought.
  • More SORE. But I needed the Exercise.
  • Dried out...
  • Cybered.
  • "Napped" for a Half-Hour after Dinner.
  • Knitted.
  • Watched My DVDs as I KNITTED more.
  • Been making up for LOST Time on My Knitting...
  • "HERE"! Doing THIS "NOW"! Gonna be *another* LATE MORNING *to* Bed!!
  • 'Night!

*crap*! -- I think IT could be SNOWING AGAIN!?!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

THIS is "What" HAPPENS When...


With a "20%-OFF-Your-ENTIRE-Purchase"-COUPON Frying a Chip on My "SMART"-CAMERA's SD-Card, OFF We were to MICHAEL'S for almost TWO-HOURS!! - oh. Look! STILL some CHRISTMAS-STUFF ON-SALE!

I left MOTHER with the Cart to *Explore* Her way over to the "CHRISTMAS"-Section, whilst I headed for "YARN"... hmm..STILL a LOT of the "PINKS" left of the PATONS 5-BALL-PACKS. No sign of any *more* of My Other FAV Colours, though...

The "Single"-Balls are back to Regular-Price, so I just grabbed One of the "LEMONGRASS" Shade. - IT seemed to be one of "THE" *HOT*-Hues over at THE GAP the Other Day. Used My 40%-OFF-Coupon.

ah! There's MANAGER-DAVE doing "Managerial"-Stuff in the STOCK-ROOM... We "small-talked" for a moment.

I moved on to check out OTHER STUFF...

hmm... These JOURNALS - [LEFT & BELOW] - were the only Ones left in "Boxes" marked as $1.99-CLEARANCE. However, when I Price-"Checked" Them on the Store's "Machines", They read the Original $7.99 Price..??

Went back to LOOK at those Price-Labels again -- ah. THESE *aren't* Listed.

Decided to bring Them to MANAGER-DAVE's "attention"...

As I suspected, They *shouldn't* have been Put THERE!

"...But, if you still want them, we can do an over-ride. Just tell them at the Cash that I okayed it..."

Just ANOTHER REASON "WHY" I keep Shopping at THIS LOCATION! -- I got 2 of the "ZEBRA" One. I like the Cover!

I trolled some more... Eventually, locating MOTHER and the Cart. - We spent the next HOUR pillaging through that CHRISTMAS-Stuff... Then, Price-Checking IT...

After all the "DISCOUNTS" - [BEFORE taxes] - I got the RIBBONS for 80-Cents [SMALL Ones] to $2.71 for the LARGE One. The CERAMIC "TREE" DISH came in at 72-Cents!

Meanwhile, the PLASTIC "TAKE-OUT" BOXES were 40-Cents Each! - Got 4-Each of These Three-Styles. I'm thinking that THEY would be "Novel" to use at Next Year's CRAFT SHOWS..? As, I already use GIFT-BAGS in the *same* Material - [Sturdy. Water-Proof-ish] - for My PRODUCTS.

I probably *should* have Bought MORE! -- I'll have to do that on TUESDAY, when I'll likely be There again...

BTW, there was also some YARN! -- MOTHER picked up some RED "Synthetic" Stuff for 60-Cents, however, there was still some of the BERNAT HANDICRAFTER COTTON 80g-BALLS around for 99-Cents Each! -- I grabbed WHAT was LEFT!!


We were at the CHECKOUT for a while...

Because We had Spent more Time There than "Planned", We nixed any Thoughts of checking out the Rest of TRAINYARDS. Instead, We headed toward THE-MALL... Besides, I needed the remaining Daylight to SEE the SINKHOLE-WANNABE-POTHOLES!! And, get ahead of THE-BIG-MALL TRAFFIC!

But first, We stopped by the NEARBY-STRIP-MALL to pop into OLD NAVY - [I didn't Buy ANYthing!] - and BOWRING... Which, is apparently CLOSING at THAT Location at the End of the Month!?! -- I hope Another GOOD Store goes into that Spot!

We finished off at THE-MALL until CLOSING! -- About Time too! The SUN was long Down. The TRUNK was FULL. And, I was POOPED! ...Hungry, too...

I'm probably going to have to SHOVEL *again* Tomorrow... crap...

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