Sunday, January 13, 2013

A *HAT* Without End...

..OR, IT JUST SEEMS LIKE IT! -- I've been Working on IT - [or at least, *TRYING* TO] - for a Few WEEKS now!! But, SHOVELLING and *STUFF* have been getting IN the Way of My NEEDLE-Time...

ANYHOO, seeing as I DIDN'T *have to* go OUT Today, I did a Marathon *PUSH* of Finishing THIS off as I RE-watched My DVDs of "WORLD WITHOUT END"... A Great MINI-SERIES-SEQUEL to "The PILLARS of the EARTH"!

Seriously, IT's a WONDER that *ANY* of Our ANCESTORS managed to SURVIVE back Then! - OR, that I *finally* got THIS DONE!!

However, the Hour is LATE. And, I *must* GET to BED!! -- So, MORE Pics Tomorrow and a "NAME"!


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