Saturday, January 26, 2013

According to My SHOPPER-SCOPE, "..MERCURY has Risen..."

TRANSLATION -- IT's WARM **enough** - [-12C] - to SCOUT for "SALES" and **SHOP**!!

Sooo... NO "Coupons" for MICHAEL'S. -- [nuts!]

So. *NO* YARN "Purchases"! -- [pooh!]

HOWEVER... There was this "SALE"... MOST of the *already* "CLEARANCE"-RED-Tagged ITEMS were an **ADDITIONAL** 50%-OFF!!?! -- Especially, on SCRAPBOOKING-STUFF. *NEEDLESS to Say, MOTHER was a "HAPPY-SCRAPPER"!! - Although the CHECKOUT-CLERK, maybe *not* so much..? - EACH ITEM had to be Manually-Keyed for the Discount!! -- [poor SHAUNA!]

SO... Let's SEE "WHAT" I got!!

The GLASS PEBBLES were down to $1.24 per Bag. The Actual-Colour is closer to a JADE-GREEN.

The LITTLE RIBBONS came in at 12-Cents-Each. Which is Good, seeing as They're only 4-Feet worth. I didn't *really* need Them, but, MOTHER got a Handful, so I figured "why not"?

And THEN, there was This STAMPING DIE SET for the eventual Price of $3.75!! -- "Originally"-Priced at $39.99??!! -- IT's "LETTERS". Should no doubt, "come in handy" SOMEday...

Meanwhile, there were a Few Other smaller STAMPING KITS for even Less -- MOTHER is keeping Those amongst HER "STASH"!

Anyway, We were Scavenging the Store for at least an Hour! -- Finally ran into MANAGER-DAVE! Although He was "around" or, a Wave "across-a-Crowded-Store", We hadn't had a chance to actually *TALK* in almost 2 Weeks!

We *caught* Him just before He was going "to Lunch"... MOTHER ended up Chatting Him up for a while before I had emerged from the YARN-Section... Apparently, My upcoming *Birthday* was "mentioned" in Their Conversation...

I put in a "Request" for a little "SIGN" marking My Own *PARKING SPACE*..? - However, the SNOWBANKS in *front* of My Fav Spots could pose to be a Problem... hmm... Some GLITTER SPRAY PAINT could work...

Whilst the SUN was *still* UP, We decided to pop into VALUE-VILLAGE on Our way to THE MALL. - It's been a while...

I ended up Buying FABRIC that I really *don't* NEED for that "HOUSE" that I DON'T "HAVE"!! -- BUT, I *Liked* IT!! And, the Price wasn't *that* Bad...

This KIWI-ish GREEN and WHITE STRIPED "REMNANT" is almost 4-YARDS. Although IT doesn't "Say", I Believe that IT *IS* COTTON.

This OTHER PIECE appears to be *mostly* WOOL..?

The Quality is rather Nice and the Colours are considerably *more* apparent "in Person"!

There's about 1.5-Meters.

ANYHOO... *BEFORE* I had come across the FABRICS, I did a Tour about the "HOUSEWARES"-Section...

As I perused the Shelves, I hadn't *Noticed* This PITCHER until SOME-OTHER-WOMAN had picked IT up...

CRAP! -- IT looks GOOD!

I *casually* "FAKED" Browsing around the Shelving-Unit, WAITING to see *IF* She was going to "KEEP" IT!?

MUST keep My "Distance"!

oh.. YES! She's CHANGED Her Mind and putting IT BACK!!

Must WAIT *until* She's MOVED ON. *OUT* of Sight!!

ALRIGHTY! -- Let's check This Puppy OUT!

o-kay... $5.99 is a tad "Steep" for a Pitcher... BUT, hang on...


AND, IT *is* STONEWARE! -- Not to mention, that BLUE and WHITE is quite lovely... *AND*, I have MUCH-STUFF-TO-MATCH!!

I've been doing some "RESEARCH", TRYING to get more INFO on the Potters - "NORTHWIND STONEWARE INC." of KITCHENER, ONTARIO... From what I can tell, They don't appear to be "around" any more!??

So far, I've only Located TWO Similar Pieces. SAME Shape and Glazing-Style - more or less... HOWEVER, Both have *quite* DIFFERENT "MAKER's MARKS"!?

The OTHERS are PRESS-STAMPED into the pre-Fired Clay, while THIS ONE has only been "INK"-STAMPED..? -- And, I've yet to source any Other References... THIS could be an Earlier OR, Later Piece..??

Perhaps, a "SECOND"-Piece? -- There does seem to be what *might* be a fine HAIRLINE "Impact"-Crack under the Glaze..? You can just make IT out under the Ink. - [the faint orangey X-line] - THAT would "explain" the Lack of any STAMP-IMPRESSIONS. Otherwise, the Shape and Glaze are too exact for THIS to be a "Knock-Off"!

*WHATEVER* the Case, I *still* LIKE IT!!


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