Saturday, January 12, 2013

Celebrating MAID-MARE's B-DAY with Record-*Breaking*-Temps!!

IT WENT UP TO +7C!! -- IT should be "minus" 7C! - [used to be -17C "back-in-the-Day"...]

Now, *normally* that would SEEM to be a "Good-Thing' in the dead of WINTER, however... There's still a LOT of SNOW out there. That has NO Choice but to MELT!

    A "WINTER-FYI" -- Unless You're planning on Building a SKATING-RINK, 4-INCHES of MELTWATER *over* an INCH of Smooth-SLIPPERY-*ICE*, is *NOT* a "Favoured" Sidewalk/Driveway/ANY-Walking-Over SURFACE!!

BTW, *MOST* of the MELTWATER is from the ROOFS!

MEANWHILE, considering the Day's TEMPS and the Expected *Higher* Ones for Tomorrow, I had to forego My usual SATURDAY-SHOP-EDITIONS with MOTHER. Instead, FATHER *BRAVED* the Duties of "Mingling"-With-the-MASSES! Whilst I, set out to CHOP-CHIP-and-SCRAPE-AWAY the Softening 2-Inches of ICE *EVERYWHERE*, that I was unable to Yesterday...

So *glad* that I had the FORE-Sight to make all of those little HOLES *where* I could, THEN!
-- It allowed the Warmer AIR to get UNDER *certain* ICY-AREAS, as well as some MELTWATER.
I *TRY* to get NATURE to *WORK* "for" Me, *HOW* ever possible!

WHATEVER, I was still *OUT* There for 3-HOURS! -- CHOPPING, is arduous - [The JURY is still out on whether any of this is "helping" My CRAPPY-LEFT-SHOULDER!]. ICE, is Heavier than SNOW to MOVE - [My RIGHT-THUMB isn't doing all that well, either]. And, I probably should have worn One of My COTTON SCARVES instead of the usual WOOLEN One... My SUN-GLASSES were actually FOGGING-UP at one point from the HEAT I was Generating!

Gonna BLAME *that* on the HALF-HOUR I Spent *Attempting* to CARVE a *TINY* TROUGH along the Curb-Line INTO the 8-Feet-Long-2-Feet-High-and-Wide-THICK-ICE-*DEBRIS*-WALL between the End of My LANE **TO** the SEWER!! -- Quite Surprisingly, there hasn't been a PUDDLE "Build-Up", *yet*!

Although, Tomorrow could be DIFFERENT Matter altogether! -- RAIN is in the Forecast... *MORE* SCOOPING in My Future!!

HOPE My BOOTS **DRY** up IN Time!!

..going to go KNIT now...



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