Monday, January 7, 2013

Squirreling through the Vegging-Crisper...

"...Hey! Is that the PEANUT-GUY? -- GOOD! About time! Been FREEZING my *walnuts* WAITING!"

QUICK! *MARK* IT on a Calendar! -- I **DIDN'T** have to SHOVEL, "TODAY"! - [Although, FATHER did go OUT for a bit to get some Fresh-FREEZING-Air and Piddle-about...] - A GOOD Thing, as IT was a tad NIPPY despite the SUNLIGHT...

I stayed IN to get some NEEDED "Vegging" done! - Which, oddly enough, did INCLUDE the Slicing-Up of VEGETABLES! huh.

Meanwhile, got some *GOOD* "MAIL", too! -- A new MAGAZINE and, a CHEQUE *will* Brighten-Up ANY Day! - Guess I'll be Adding a BANK to Tomorrow's "SOLO-SHOP"-SCHEDULE...

-- That is, IF I can get to Bed "EARLIER" Tonight!?

Seriously?? -- WHY IS IT, that *EVERY* TIME I need and WANT to "POST" *QUICKLY*, some STU-PID "CYBER" *CRAP* HAPPENS!!?? - UPLOADING should NOT be taking THIS LONG, even *with* "DIAL-UP"!!

oh. wait. "Apparently", IT *did* LOAD. - Just *not* WHERE IT's *suppose* to!! -- AARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

...and, THIS is *WHY* I'm **ALWAYS** having to SPEND **4-HOURS** every other NIGHT "TRYING" to Post an ENTRY that SHOULD have ONLY taken 15-MINUTES!!
-- so You ALL "KNOW"...

ANYHOO... Managed to get more KNITTING Done as well... I need to Learn HOW to do a *SLEEP*-Stitch!!


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