Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2 Days of SUNSHINE! That'll Cause Retinal Damage!

I'M GONNA BLAME THE **COLD** TEMPS FOR KEEPING THAT OZONE-HOLE FROZEN OPEN! - Really. The LIGHT quality seemed as BLINDING as You'd find in the THIN-Air of Higher-Altitudes... The *FRIGID-NIPPINESS* didn't Help, either!

Anyhoo... I had an Appointment to attend, otherwise, I would have Stayed IN! - [-26C WINDCHILL!] - Of course, I shouldn't be so Surprised at the TEMPS, *These* are what THEY-USED-TO-BE-AT-THIS-TIME-OF-YEAR! -- I might have to go DIGGING into "THE ROOM" for My old SHEEP-SKIN-COAT!

Meanwhile, at My Destination, I had to use Their PARKING-GARAGE... ahh...My Windows are FOGGING-UP...WHY?? -- OH! "HEATED"-Garage!! -- huh. Can't remember the Last Time that I've been in ONE of THOSE! - [I rarely use Parking-Garages] - THE CAR should *enjoy* IT... But these Snow-Melt-PUDDLES are a *Nuisance*!

An Hour later... THE CAR was still a little Chilly on the Inside, but no longer *Misty*! - A GOOD Thing, or else I *might* have NOT seen the STUPID-RATHER-LARGE-"DELIVERY"-TRUCK that was trying to BACK-UP into the "BLIND"-Circular-Driveway just off of the GARAGE-*EXIT*! -- A somewhat POOR Roadway-"DESIGN"!

I was still "ahead" of the Main RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC, so I headed *Straight* HOME! -- I can "Save" My Shopping until Tomorrow when I'll be Busing-It to DOWNTOWN and can have a Game of "CONNECT-THE-MALLS" then!!

*IF* IT's not TOO COLD Out... Or, SNOWS too Much!


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