Saturday, January 19, 2013


MOTHER IS SOOO *BUMMED*-OUT ABOUT IT!! -- Yet, *I'M* the One who was OUT for almost *3-HOURS* TRYING to CLEAR-UP the Driveway, so that "SOME DAY" We *CAN* go Shopping..?!!

*IF*, IT's not TOO *TREACHEROUS*, We might take a stab at IT Tomorrow!? -- So long as EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY doesn't leave Me with a WALL-of-SLUSH... OR, any FREEZING-RAIN... Or, MELT-Puddles EVERYwhere!

so. We got SNOW Last Night. LOTS of SNOW. 9-Plus-INCHES of LIGHT-DRY-SNOW! And, some DRIFT Action going on... LUCKILY, that Snow-QUALITY *stayed* THAT way as I proceeded to REMOVE IT! - EVEN the FOOT-DEEP-Driveway-END-*DEBRIS* was actually LESS Arduous to SCRAPE away than usual... YAY!

Now... IF the RAIN can just HOLD-OFF, then Monday's *Predicted* RE-FREEZE won't be so Troublesome... yeah. right! Who am I kidding?!

At this Point, I just WANT the WEATHER to be *NICE* Out so MOTHER can get Her "WEEKEND"-SHOP-FARI-ing DONE! And, so I *don't* have to listen to Her "Complaining" about IT if She "doesn't"...

MEANWHILE... I'm ALMOST Finished with This Week's HAT. Just ONE more "PANEL" to go! -- I'm really LIKING the COLOUR-COMBO!


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