Thursday, January 24, 2013

You know, on Second-Thought...

"STORAGE" THIS YEAR!?! -- BUT, then again, IT's too BULKY to *DRIVE* in! Although, IT was GREAT for those -40 Days when I used to WALK that MILE to WORK! - Despite the Fact that IT had to *weigh* about 20-Pounds!!

"BERTHA" is Made of lovely NATURAL DARK BROWN LONG-HAIR-BEAVER with matching Coloured RUSSIAN-LAMB TRIMMING. IT's also Calf-Length! However, ITS *BEST* and MOST *USEFUL* Feature is the DETACHABLE-HOOD that I had had Custom-Made for IT. - With that Same LAMB on the Outside and lined with SHEARED-BEAVER...

I seriously MISS the WARMTH of that HOOD!! Especially, in Today's "IT-*had*-to-be-MINUS-35C-WINDCHILL" WIND-SWEPT Parking Lots at TRAINYARD! - Somehow, the TURTLENECK, BALL-CAP, TOQUE, Fitted-COWL, and HOODIE just *didn't* quite DO the Trick!!

ALAS, BERTHA has been in STORAGE for 8-Years or so, because I *really* do NOT have the "ROOM" to Properly *CARE* for IT! NOR, have had a *NEED* to WEAR IT during the Recent *MILD* WINTERS of the Past Decade. -- I have Other COATS that are far better suited for the *usual* -10C to -25C Range... Of course, THEY also happen to be "TRAPPED" in "THE ROOM"...

ANYHOO... Despite the SUNNINESS, the Temps were *&^:"<<>^&*&^@# FREEZING Out Today!! But, *THANKFULLY*, "BLINKY" - [FATHER's SOLAR-PANEL-BATTERY-CHARGER] - was Working quite WELL, so THE CAR was Content! -- Seriously, in *these* Temps EVERY *little-bit* HELPS!

BTW, I didn't have Time Tonight to PHOTOGRAPH the Day's "BOOTY" as the COMPUTER has been a tad HINKY! AND, I'd *like* to GET to Bed BEFORE **DAWN** THIS Week!!?! -- The VAMPIRE-HOURS are becoming Bothersome...

Whatever... I'll DO Them Tomorrow.

As to the HIGHLIGHTS...

WALMART has FINALLY gotten some NEW BERNAT HANDICRAFTER-COTTON YARN "IN-Stock"!! -- Not a "Lot", but Enough to Scratch My CHARGE-CARD!

Popped into MICHAEL'S *Briefly*! Just picked up ONE more GRAB-BAG for MOTHER - if ONLY to justify the Visit. Besides, I was WITHOUT Coupons and had ALREADY reached My YARN-"QUOTA" for the Day!

Meanwhile, Our "LOCAL" BOWRING over at THE-NEARBY-STRIP-MALL across from THE MALL, is CLOSING-DOWN in a Few Days, so I decided to Check IT out... "WHATEVER" *isn't* going to be sent to Their Other Stores, wasn't really all THAT much "ON-SALE"! -- I got SOME Small-Items. "Future-GIFTS"..?? And, the Odd-Thing for ME!

o-kay... Gonna POST THIS. Get a bit of KNITTING done. THEN, *to* Bed!!


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