Thursday, January 10, 2013

And, THIS Week's MELTDOWN Continues...

IT WAS +6C TODAY! - A Decade ago, the Daily-Average-TEMP would've been -26C! hmm... There might be Something to this GLOBAL "WARMING" Thingy after all...

Anyway, the SUN was *OUT* - for the most part... And, with the "HEATWAVE", MELTWATER is happening - although, *slowly*... THANK YOU! -- Then FREEZES up again Overnight.

I had to do a bit of ICE-CHOPPING upon My Return from COSTCO. The "QUALITY" in certain spots was just *right* for easier REMOVAL! And, some WATER needed to be Scooped as well... *RAIN* is in the Forecast for Tomorrow, so the *more* ICE and WATER that can be moved *away* from the HOUSE, the *BETTER*!!

I just HOPE that I DON'T have to WADE through some GIANT-PUDDLE to *FIND* the SNOW-Covered SEWER Tomorrow! -- I would have Cleared IT Today, but the SNOW was too HARD and I wasn't "Dressed" FOR IT...

MEANWHILE... COSTCO was UNexciting. Except maybe, for having to Drive THE CAR over some NASTY ICY-SNOW CHUNKS... I **HOPE** I DIDN'T do ANYthing "Damaging" to the UNDERside!?!

Popped into HOMESENSE again Afterward... Despite the Odd TEMPTATION, I managed to come out Purchase-LESS! -- However, there *were* These COOL LAMPS... Just a tad Pricey though.

BTW, have I Mentioned My LAMP-"COLLECTION"..??


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