Sunday, January 27, 2013

The MOST. *EXCITING*. Thing. I did. Today. Was...


Since Tomorrow is GARBAGE DAY, I thought that it was *Time* to TRASH that ICKY-OLD-CHEAP-WICKER-esque-BASKET with a *NEW*-TEAL-PLASTIC-"DOLLARAMA"-BUCKET!

And, that's about as "THRILLING" as it got... oh! AND, I *finally* got some KNITTING-Time in! -- It's been a Few Days actually... I keep getting *Side-tracked*!

BTW, I mentioned that I had *NO* "LIFE", right..?

MEANWHILE... Looks like WEATHER is "on the WAY"! -- I think The SHOVELS have been *missing* Me!

THIS is a Recent AIRPORT-RADAR "capture"... BLUE is SNOW. GREEN is RAIN. PINK is MIXED! -- I'm preferring the BLUE! The LESSER of the "THREE EVILS"... The "MIXED" is just *too* MESSY! And RAIN, will just cause *more* Problems with FLOODING over MELTWATER!

Actually, even BETTER, would be getting MISSED altogether! -- If IT could just Turn Right a little and stay SOUTH..?

Whatever... I just HOPE that IT's all DONE with Tomorrow. -- I have STUFF-TO-DO on Tuesday!!


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