Saturday, June 30, 2012

oops! my bad!! -- Well..IT Was Going To EXPIRE In A Month ANYWAY!!

ANOTHER *HOT* SHOP-FARI SATURDAY! -- Although, the HUMIDITY wasn't nearly as Dreadful as LAST Weekend! - A GOOD Thing...

BTW, IT's a "LONG WEEKEND" Here in CANADA - Tomorrow is **CANADA DAY**!!
- Much RED and WHITE MAPLE-LEAFING will be abounding, I'm sure! -- SISTER & Her GANG will be *BUSY* with the "SMALL-TOWN"-Festivities going on where THEY ALL Reside. MANY-a-FACE will be Adorned with THEIR "ARTISTRY"!! - [THEY really are VERY Good at IT!]

MOTHER and I will likely be swapping "Laundry-Times"! -- Perhaps, if She HANGS-OUT only RED & WHITE stuff, NO ONE will "notice" that IT's Laundry?!

ANYHOO... SINCE IT is the LONG Weekend, NOT a Single YARD SALE was to be SEEN! - Of course, We *did* leave The HOUSE *LATE*... whatever... We still ended up at BEACON HILL. I hadn't been to The SALLY-ANN for a Couple of Weeks...

Oooo!! LOOK!!


The CUPS were
90-Cents-Each and the SAUCERS 35-Cents!

I have since Discovered, that *what* I Thought was "Silver"-Trim,
is actually PLATINUM..??!!
-- huh.

Whatever, I got ALL FOUR PLATES that were there, and only TWO of the CUPS. The THIRD One had a "chip"... There was NO

THESE certainly made-up for *any* Lack of YARD SALE

Meanwhile, I found THREE Little BALLS of This FINE WOOL!
-- 62-Cents Each...

IT'll be good for SOCK-Making. *IF* I ever get around to Doing that Sort of Thing!?

- Besides, I Liked the Colour.

NEXT, was a Couple of GROCERY-GETTING Stops, then to FABRICLAND...

"Where", I *BROKE* THE *NUMBER ONE* "SHOPPING RULE" of Wandering-Beyond-Arm's-Length-of-My-STUFF-SECURITY-ZONE!

LONG-MY-STUPIDNESS-SHORT - at the CHECK-OUT, I had *LEFT* MOTHER's Store-"Membership"-Card atop My Purchases that had been put aside, as there was Something ELSE I had to do, yadda, yadda... IT *wasn't* THERE when I Returned! -- I checked ALL of My Pockets and Purse, NO Luck...

No "Big-Deal". Although, I feel like an IDIOT! - IT Expires Next Month and MOTHER wasn't planning on Renewing IT anyway...

MOVING ON... HERE's *WHAT* I Bought!

I've been Eyeing This COTTON-LINEN MIX for quite some Time.

I just fell *IN LOVE* with ITS Cool-SOFT Texture!

And, at $3.-per-Meter I snatched the LAST 2+ Meters on the BOLT.

THIS ONE was $4.-per...

Another "FABRIC-RESCUE" of the Remaining Under-2-Meters.

"Finishing-off" the BOLTS! -- TWO *LESS* for THEM to
"Inventory" Later...

I also liked the Detailing... And, the Dragonflies.

At $6., I only got ONE-Meter. IT's a Fine COTTON-*VELVET*!! -- Haven't *SEEN* THAT for AGES!!

I'm certain that I'll find *SOME* "Future" USE for IT!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Letting the COLOURS *Sort* Themselves Out...



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Belated BLOOGing of Some...

...BROUGHT-BAUBLES & BOOTY - [that Begin with "B"] - from the Last Few Days...

  • BIG BAG - A *FREEBIE* from My STRUCTUBE Purchase of the...
  • BRIGHT-BALL - *SHINY* Geo-Shaped Aluminum will get My Attention *every* Time!
  • "BALLOON"-BAGS - Another MICHAEL'S "BARGAIN-BIN"-Find. I got a Few of These 50-Cent-4-per-Pack "BOOTY-BAGS". I can use Them at My CRAFT SHOWS.
  • BOOTY-*BLING*-BOX - As well as a Couple of These for PRINCESSES'-MOM and SISTER since THEY're "into" BUNION-BUSTER-Wear!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

REASON Number: "Whatever"



just saying...

The "CIRCUMSTANCES" for My Beleaguered-Brain..? PRINCESSES'-MOM and TAP-MAN - [LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED's Dad] - have decided to get MARRIED Next Year. In VEGAS... So, *THE*-DRESS-SEARCH is "ON"!

Since I had a *planned* Errand to do at THE BIG MALL, SISTER, BIG-D, and PRINCESS-BRIDE picked up MOTHER - [Who was along to "Navigate"] - and headed to said SHOP. -- I, subsequently, joined THEM around DRESS-TRY-ON-#2-of-20-Plus..?

Personally, I - [as does MOTHER] - think that IT would be *less* Expensive and PROBABLY *EASIER*
"IF" PRINCESSES'-MOM and SISTER were to MAKE The DRESS Themselves! THEY Both SEW well enough. -- MOTHER made Her Own and SISTER's, and COUNTLESS OTHERS for OTHER-PEOPLE over the Years... ANYTHING would be *better* than Some of the
"GOWNS" We saw!

Not to mention, being SURROUNDED by soooo *much* POLYESTER was just outright SCARY!!

I'm not saying that They were all Horrid - Some were actually *nice* - However, the FABRICS on Several, made DUCT-TAPE look like LINEN! ...There was One, I could have Used as SAIL-CLOTH!
-- I suspect that IT might have been a TENT in a Previous Life??!

hmm... "WHITE" DUCT-TAPE... You know, MICHAEL'S *IS* just across the Roadway from the "ZILLA-ZOO". THEY might have some...

Actually, MOTHER has been eyeing the TOILET-TISSUE... [These's this TV-Commercial with Toilet-Tissue-Wedding-Dresses...] -- She's gone to the Ladies' Room *twice* already...

So... "WHAT" Blissful-Bits of *WISEDOM* have I Acquired Today??
  • PLASTIC-BAGS can be *Recycled* into very *heavy* WEDDING-GOWNS!
  • BRIDAL-SHOP-CLERKS have the Patience-of-SAINTS!
  • And, after hauling about the afore-mentioned Attire ALL DAY, THEY also appear to possess the Herculean-Strength needed to pickup off the floor any Post-SALES-Slip-Given-FATHERS-of-The-BRIDE-ZILLAS!
  • There's a Shortage of ANYTHING above a SIZE-8...
  • That My BROTHER-IN-LAW is Resigned to His FATE as "Chauffeur" and the PAYER-of-BILLS...
  • Should the "QUESTION" ever arise, I have REconfirmed My long-standing-DECISION "to ELOPE"!!
  • oh! And that, seeing the [ouch! that's gonna *cost*! was that an Armoured-Car-Van He hit?!]-*CRINGE*-worthy-Front-End-CRUMPLED-*MERCEDES* at THE BIG MALL blocking the Parking-Lot Traffic should have been My First-"CLUE" to My DAY!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


HEDDA'S new...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 00226-Black
- Colour: 00202-Aran


Monday, June 25, 2012



THEY're going to be "IN-the-GENERAL-[100-mile]-AREA" for a Couple of Weeks or, there's-about. SHE's Here to *help-out* PRINCESSES'-MOM with some FACE-PAINTING-ecetera during the CANADA DAY Celebrations This coming Weekend.

IT's "Something" *THEY* ALL Do...

Between THAT, Her *Obligatory*-SHOPPING, "Bonding" with THE PROGENY, and then heading further SOUTH-WEST to CPL.TAT-MOM's *new* Place, I might have to Start a
"Pool" on How-MANY-Hours-We'll-SEE-Her-in-the-Next-Couple-of-WEEKS!!

Meanwhile, THEY were Here for *almost* an Hour, Tonight! -- I think I spent TWICE that Time Today on "HAZMATTING" My Bathroom!! - [I'd been stricken with a *Rare* DOMESTIC-MOMENT! - Mark IT down on Your Calendars!]

However, I *did* find Time to work on the B&W HAT... Feeling *much* BETTER now!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

TOLD You, I Had "PLANS"...



Saturday, June 23, 2012

"STRUCTUBE"-ular Shopping Savings!


"Normally" on Saturdays, when the Weather is "good", We do the YARD-SALE-Circuit... However, considering how **HOT** the Temps have been, I figured that MOST-PEOPLE would likely Skip "this" Weekend and just head to "The COTTAGE" or Hang-Around-the-POOL, instead of dealing with STRANGERS on Their BARBECUE-DRIVEWAYS..?

Besides, MICHAEL'S had one of those "TIME-LIMITED-15%-OFF"-SALES! -- Oh, and the "FISHERMEN'S WOOL" was HALF-PRICE, too!! -- I don't recall seeing *THAT* happen before...

So, after the briefest of Non-Purchasing-"Stops" at the One YARD SALE on Our Street - [the Same One where I picked up that SEWING BOX of "GOODIES" Last Saturday] - along the way, We headed out to the TRAINYARDS...

hmm... for a Saturday, IT seems to be rather "Quiet"..??

As MOTHER piddled about with the Outside-Bins, I pointed Myself toward the YARN-Section
- with a toss of another RIBBON into My Cart...

ah! I was hoping to find some of that PATON "Classic Wool" in an IVORY-shade! - [I have
"Plans"..] - Meanwhile, there wasn't any "Sale"-Signs around the "FISHERMEN'S WOOL", so I had to "ASK" about IT. -- [I'm going to have to start bringing "The FLYER" with Me, as there are *never* ANY in The Store!]

Awaiting My "Answer" at the Front of the Store, I just *happened* to NOTICE the

IT's *right* inside the Door,
I'm surprised that I had MISSED IT!!

Oooo... Some *Interesting* STUFF!

Originally-Retailing at $54.99, the MARTHA STEWART Crafts "Knit & Weave Loom Kit"
was going for $13.74... With the "DISCOUNT", I got that down to $11.68!

- The 2-*missing*-Pieces can be *easily* substituted with the OTHER-Enclosed-Ones...

Jammed into the Lower-Shelf of The RACK, was This "BEAD-LANDING" STORAGE KIT!!

-- LOTS and *LOTS* of SEED-BEADS!!

"INSIDE", there was a Pair of Wire-Cutters, Wire, a Bead-Scoop... The
"Damage" was only to ONE of the 5-Containers, which I'm CERTAIN that I can "REMEDY"!!

Previously $36.99, I eventually got IT for $7.85!! -- I Love little BEADS!! And, soooo MANY Colours...

hmm...that LOOM might come in Handy after all.
-- [GATE-GIRL..? STOP Drooling!!]

BTW, halfway through My "Digging", MOTHER *finally* came INTO the Store! -- She found a Couple of Small-Items-of-Interest for Herself...

ONCE We were *OUT*, sitting in The CAR for a few moments, MOTHER "spotted" a Particular-Store across the Roadway that She had never "noticed" before - [despite, IT having been "there" for a WHILE!] -- I'm just not a big *Fan* of the Place, so I haven't been over to that Section...

However, NEXT DOOR to IT IS an ESTABLISHMENT that I *have* been meaning to "Check OUT"!! -- So, We drove on over... MOTHER went into "Her" Store, and I went into STRUCTUBE!!

THIS STORE, is now on My "LOTTERY-*SHOPPING*-LIST"!! And, quite surprisingly, the "PRICES" were considerably *Lower* than I had Expected! ..ahh, IF ONLY, I had "the ROOM"... Not to mention, WALL-*SPACE*! -- There was this One ART-PIECE that "Caught-My-Eye"...

Anyhoo... The *BEST* Part of My Pre-Potential-Purchasing-PERUSAL was the equally Surprising **FREE** 5Meter-RETRACTABLE-METAL-TAPE-MEASURES that the VERY-**NICE**-FRIENDLY-STAFF were GIVING-OUT!! -- MOTHER received One as well, when She came in.

I will *definitely* be GOING BACK!

-- THEY did have an intriguing "Decorative" SILVER BALL that I have a hankering to Acquire..?

WALMART was Next... Just picked up some of My Fav JUICE -- which, appears to be on the way of being "replaced" by SMALLER BOTTLES..??!! -- pooh!! NOT. HAPPY...

From There, a few more GROCERY-GETTING Stops, then LOBLAW... I think I might have
"JINXED" THEIR "Financial-Systems"..??

I have THEIR Charge-Card... And, when I had used IT earlier at WALMART, I *mistakenly* used a Different PIN... Hence, "Freezing-up" the Card, ecetera. A "Problem" that I could not RECTIFY until I got HOME and made a "CALL"...

Meanwhile, I had accepted the Fact that I would "Lose-out" on acquiring any "Store-POINTS" for My Purchases, WHEN SUDDENLY... Over the PA-System, it was "Announced" that there was *some* "TECHNICAL-DIFFICULTY" with THEIR "Banking-Connection" and that THEY could **ONLY** accept "CASH"-PAYMENTS!!

oh-kaay... NOW, I don't Feel *so bad* about Those "Points"!

-- oh, Look! All of the LONG-CHECKOUT-LINES have moved over to the BANK-MACHINES!!

A "GOOD" THING that I actually *have* CASH "on Me", huh?!

ahh... KARMIC-ECONOMICS, gotta Love IT!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

The *MOST* "Exciting" Part of My Day Was...

...hold on... actually, come to think of it, there WASN'T one!! -- BTW, folding Laundry after watching IT "dry" WHILST *waiting* for My "CAN-&-STRING"-DIALUP to Load, DOES-NOT-COUNT!!


So. I'm trying to "DECIDE"... *WHICH* TWO of These COLOURS should I Use for The NEXT HAT??



Thursday, June 21, 2012

IT's Been Sooooo **HOT**...



"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 00230-Bright Red

"Fishermen's Wool"
- 100% Pure Virgin WOOL
- [made in CHINA]
- Colour: 150-200-Oak Tweed

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