Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Touring With TOQUES


*SOME* Time ago - [after making mention of My MICHAEL'S-Merchandise-Made-TOQUEy-Toddlers] - DAVE-the-MANAGER had expressed an "interest" in Seeing THEM... He's a Busy Man. And, everytime I remember to Bring THE HATS, He's usually always in the Back-Office doing whatever it is that "Manager's" *DO*.

TODAY, I got Lucky! He was Out-Front fiddling with some Display...

Anyway... He *LIKED* THEM!! -- There was also "mention" of a Daughter possibly *needing* Headware eventually..?? - I just *hope* He keeps Me "IN Mind"!!

Meanwhile, during My Customary Possible-Purchase-Perusal, I happened upon These DECORATIVE PACKAGING TAPES... "ON-SALE", of course!!

I got 2-Each of the BLACK and RED Ones.

And then, there was YARN!!

Got *another* PINK and the *LAST* BLACK on Shelf.
-- NOTE, the "New" Labels... I'm gonna MISS the Cute SHEEP!

oh! BTW, I also *noticed* that They're RE-Doing the YARN SECTION. Hope that means some NEW STOCK..?? perhaps, *more* REAL-WOOL!?

Let's "Face-IT", with ZELLERS closing, and KNITKNACKERS now being in the Vicinity of MARS, YARN-Pickings around Here are NOT looking so Bountiful! -- WALMART hasn't had ANY *new* Stock in AGES, either!

Needless to say, IT really is a Moot-Point - I suppose - since I-DON'T-HAVE-the-ROOM-For-*ANY*-MORE!!


The COSTCO-Milk-Run had already been made, and the MICHAEL'S-Buy-and-TELL was Complete, I headed for PIER ONE...

I had been *hoping* that there might STILL BE a Few of those Cute
- [SEE 23MAY2012 POST] - CERAMIC-GARDEN-TOOL-Ornaments *LEFT*..? -- NO Luck!

Although, This "VASE"-like WINE COOLER *was* still THERE!! - 5x8"CHROME [?] Lined. With some sort of CERAMIC-like Shell. -- $4.98 -- [originally just under $50.!]

"WHATEVER", IT's BLACK & WHITE and Looks COOL! -- AS was the PRICE!


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