Saturday, June 9, 2012

well...Doesn't THAT just **BITE**?!!

-- I'll "Explain", LATER...

But, FIRST...

right. so. I have just made a "little" DISCOVERY in My Knowledge-GAP of HTML - **ALL** of the Pithy-TEXT that I've been BLOOGING for the LAST-3-HOURS DID.NOT.*SAVE*!
Sooo, WHEN I Mis-Fingered My "Copy-Block" of said TEXT, IT *DISAPPEARED*!!

Excuse Me for a Moment, I *need* to SCREAM...


oh-kaay... I'm good now. sorta... HEY! I just WON $25. on the LOTTERY!! -- Well, IT's a "start"... BUT, I'm still **P*SSED**!!


Perfect Weather. And, enough YARD-SALES to keep Us "Shopping"... A Few in Our Neighbourhood and a "Community" One in the NEW-Neighbourhood just to the WEST. Afterward, We headed over to BEACON HILL.

hmm... "WHEN" did THAT Happen..? -- I've just been going over My "HOARD"... And, apparently I seem to have *AMASSED* a "COLLECTION" of DISPLAY-SERVING-PLATTER-BOWLS!!

Seriously. HOW do I *RESIST* handing over a mere $2. for the Hefty-yet-Stylish-Subliminally-Beckoning-Recycled-GLASS-18-Inch-BOWL that without Doubt, likely Sells for 10-Times that Amount..?! huh? Really, "HOW"??

I am such a "PUPPET"-for-PLATTERS!!

Which, was the Excuse for My DOLLAR Payout on THIS Smaller SQUARE-FOOT-SIZE PLATTER-DISH.

The Square-Base reminded Me of My HAZELWARE
"COLONY" Collection of GLASS DISHES.

At the Same-Place
- for 50-Cents -
I picked up This Same-Size CHROME-"NET"-DISH.

I've been Hoping to FIND ONE-of-THESE!

OH! And LOOK what IT "Caught"...

A 20-Inch FISH PLATTER for $5.!

Despite the Fake-Eye and abundance of Varnish, there's a STRONG "possibility" that This SEAHORSE is *actually* REAL!!?

I've still to have a "Closer" LOOK at IT...

Whatever... for 25-Cents, IT looked COOL!
-- I'm debating on whether to Give IT to SISTER, or NOT...

Although I'd prefer that THESE 5x7" CANVASES were a tad *more* SEASCAPE-ish, for 50-Cents-Each, I wasn't going to quibbleBesides, THEY're "Hand-Painted OILS" - at least, that's what the "Label" said...

BTW, That's *ALL* IT "said"! -- I have NO Clue as to WHERE THEY Originate!

And, yeah, I know - the Attached-Easel and Plastic-Encasement absolutely reeks of being MASS-PRODUCED by Poor-Unfortunate-Severely-UNDERPAID-More-Than-Likely-Literally-STARVING-Unknown-"ARTISTS", doesn't IT?

Which, is the OTHER Reason "WHY" I bought THEM. -- BLOOGING THEM is My "Way" of Acknowledging THEM *and* Their "CREATORS! -- "ART" is Made to be SEEN, by EVERYONE!

Meanwhile... HOW can I have a Successful YARD-SALE-ing Day without Something in BLUE-WHITE CERAMICS..?!

Another "50-Cents" for Both of These TILE-COASTERS!


The CREATURES - originally Purchased Somewhere "IN" AFRICA - were also a DOLLAR Each.  


With a Few COUPONS in-hand, We trekked over to MICHAEL'S... I had designs on Acquiring some Hopefully-NOW-"In-Stock"-RED-"Classic-Wool".

huh. IT'S "ON-SALE" This Week... crap...

I know, You're "Wondering" as to WHY "on-sale" is such a BAD THING..?
-- Here's the Problem...
  • "Regular"-Price = $6.99
  • With 40%-OFF-"Regular-Priced-Items"-COUPON = $4.19
  • "Sale"-Price = $4.99 - CAN'T USE COUPON!
  • Tuesday-10%-OFF-SENIORS'-Price + Sale-Price = $4.50
  • NO COUPONS for the Following Week when back to Regular-Price.
  • Odds are HIGH that the 5-BALLS-of-RED could be GONE by Tuesday!
  • Really HATE losing-out on Good-COUPONS!

I sucked-IT-up and used the 50%-OFF One on a Dark BROWN BALL of LION BRAND
"FISHERMEN'S WOOL". -- ITS "Texture" will go GREAT with that RED!!

-- IF I can GET SOME!!


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