Monday, June 4, 2012

The DownFLOW of that SINKing FIXing...

APPARENTLY, AFFLUENCES EVERYONE!! -- hm. Must be *something* in the Water..?

Remember how I had WISHED that My BROTHER had been "around" to ASSIST in Saturday's little FAUCET-FIESTA..? -- Well...AS IT *HAPPENS* - strangely enough - He was actually pretty much doing THAT about the *SAME* Time... For His MOTHER-IN-LAW!!

Meanwhile, just to Add-on to the TAP-py TREND, when I had been Finishing-up on Our PLUMBISH-PROBLEM, MADAME-Q had dropped-by for a Moment... It appears that some *VITAL* PIPE in Her Newly-Purchased CONDO has a rather *significant* CRACK!!

-- That can't be good...

Anyway... TODAY, I - finally - got Started on the PINK and *GREY* PROJECT!


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