Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Such a RIBBONing Selection!

I'M SOOO GLAD, that IT was SENIORS'-DISCOUNT-DAY at MICHAEL'S! 'Cause, the CRAFTY-CLERKS placed a Large-OVER-Flowing-BIN of RIBBONS just INSIDE the Entrance! -- Oooo, such Entrepreneurial-EVIL!

HERE's a SAMPLING of WHAT I succumbed to... I got Additional SPOOLS of *most* of THESE!

Eventually, I managed to SEVER My Subliminal-"Strings" and was drawn to These QUAINT-LITTLE-2-INCH-BASKETS...

Actually, They're "TEALIGHT-HOLDERS". However, I'm NOT
"into" Tealights. THESE THINGS are Destined for *OTHER* Uses!

-- "What" exactly, though..? ...I'm still working on That.. Don't worry! -- I'll THINK of *SOMEthing*!


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