Saturday, June 30, 2012

oops! my bad!! -- Well..IT Was Going To EXPIRE In A Month ANYWAY!!

ANOTHER *HOT* SHOP-FARI SATURDAY! -- Although, the HUMIDITY wasn't nearly as Dreadful as LAST Weekend! - A GOOD Thing...

BTW, IT's a "LONG WEEKEND" Here in CANADA - Tomorrow is **CANADA DAY**!!
- Much RED and WHITE MAPLE-LEAFING will be abounding, I'm sure! -- SISTER & Her GANG will be *BUSY* with the "SMALL-TOWN"-Festivities going on where THEY ALL Reside. MANY-a-FACE will be Adorned with THEIR "ARTISTRY"!! - [THEY really are VERY Good at IT!]

MOTHER and I will likely be swapping "Laundry-Times"! -- Perhaps, if She HANGS-OUT only RED & WHITE stuff, NO ONE will "notice" that IT's Laundry?!

ANYHOO... SINCE IT is the LONG Weekend, NOT a Single YARD SALE was to be SEEN! - Of course, We *did* leave The HOUSE *LATE*... whatever... We still ended up at BEACON HILL. I hadn't been to The SALLY-ANN for a Couple of Weeks...

Oooo!! LOOK!!


The CUPS were
90-Cents-Each and the SAUCERS 35-Cents!

I have since Discovered, that *what* I Thought was "Silver"-Trim,
is actually PLATINUM..??!!
-- huh.

Whatever, I got ALL FOUR PLATES that were there, and only TWO of the CUPS. The THIRD One had a "chip"... There was NO

THESE certainly made-up for *any* Lack of YARD SALE

Meanwhile, I found THREE Little BALLS of This FINE WOOL!
-- 62-Cents Each...

IT'll be good for SOCK-Making. *IF* I ever get around to Doing that Sort of Thing!?

- Besides, I Liked the Colour.

NEXT, was a Couple of GROCERY-GETTING Stops, then to FABRICLAND...

"Where", I *BROKE* THE *NUMBER ONE* "SHOPPING RULE" of Wandering-Beyond-Arm's-Length-of-My-STUFF-SECURITY-ZONE!

LONG-MY-STUPIDNESS-SHORT - at the CHECK-OUT, I had *LEFT* MOTHER's Store-"Membership"-Card atop My Purchases that had been put aside, as there was Something ELSE I had to do, yadda, yadda... IT *wasn't* THERE when I Returned! -- I checked ALL of My Pockets and Purse, NO Luck...

No "Big-Deal". Although, I feel like an IDIOT! - IT Expires Next Month and MOTHER wasn't planning on Renewing IT anyway...

MOVING ON... HERE's *WHAT* I Bought!

I've been Eyeing This COTTON-LINEN MIX for quite some Time.

I just fell *IN LOVE* with ITS Cool-SOFT Texture!

And, at $3.-per-Meter I snatched the LAST 2+ Meters on the BOLT.

THIS ONE was $4.-per...

Another "FABRIC-RESCUE" of the Remaining Under-2-Meters.

"Finishing-off" the BOLTS! -- TWO *LESS* for THEM to
"Inventory" Later...

I also liked the Detailing... And, the Dragonflies.

At $6., I only got ONE-Meter. IT's a Fine COTTON-*VELVET*!! -- Haven't *SEEN* THAT for AGES!!

I'm certain that I'll find *SOME* "Future" USE for IT!


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