Tuesday, July 27, 2010

*Cool*!! a Real POSTCARD!!

WELL!  Imagine my surprise this morning in receiving an actual genuine POSTCARD in the MAIL!!  WOOHOO!  Sure beats the regular fare of Bills, Spam, and my bore-me-to-tears losing stock-holdings Business Reports!

Tis 'twas from "COUSIN-B"!  -- A distant [..4th, twice-removed...??] U.K. Cousin, who I like to refer to as "The HEAD GARDENER"  of our FAMILY TREE *FOREST*.  She and the Hubby were holidaying in rather picturesque Buxton...  hmmm... I'll have to add the town to my TO-GO-TO List...

ALSO, received some wonderful E-Mail pics... However, not quite at liberty to devulge WHAT or from WHOM just yet... Perhaps, next month....  Hey, have to keep You guys on the HOOK how ever I can!!

Speaking of which.... Got started on the latest Blanket [as mentioned Yesterday]. Was a tad slow going though, as I got side-track with actually watching the DVD movie I had going on. I hadn't viewed it before... lots of action!... Tonight, I'll go back to viewing re-run DVDs, in order to GET some work done!

Spent a bit of time buzzing through my List of Fav Blog/Web Pages... I'm starting to like THIS one - RAMBLING RENOVATORS - And, She's started another one recently that appears promising:  LITTLE FOLK DESIGN

Check them out. THEN, come right back HERE!!  Okay...?!  Don't wander off too far!

And, sorry that there aren't any pics Today, again...  You'll just have to settle with the above LINKS... Or, better yet, CLICK into my ALBUM - lots of colourful pics over THERE! 

What can I say?  Some times, my "LIFE" truly IS non-eventful!!  And least, with what I can actually expose to The WORLD!!  Even then, the "Private" part can be pretty mind-numbingly beyond-boring too!  So, You're really NOT missing anything here... 


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