Sunday, July 18, 2010

ALAS! SHE's back and the Evil Heatwave Curse has been *broken*!!!


Well, at least I think it is... At the moment, my computer weather thingy is saying 26C / 31C humidex. And I *did* see dark clouds out there earlier. Then again...  Whatever, it's not 40+ any more! And that, as The MARTHA would say, " a good thing!"

And we can all - at least, I do at any rate - thank the change to the fact that my "cyber" twin [we share the same birth year - which I *ain't* telling!!]  in many things stitchy and magical, is *finally* back from her fortnight vacation in lovely Majorca! The heatwave started WHEN she left!!. 

"FAIRY-T" [for the unknowing amongst you here] is the godmother of sorts within a certain circle of International friends that I have. T's particular skill of interest herein, is her wand-whacking Tinkering of knitting needles - she makes some awesome socks!! Whilst I, am the "Witch" [only cause I've got ancestors from Salem] of the Great White North and twirler of crochet hooks. 

Ya see what *happens* T, when you leave me on my own, unsupervised... I go and blog all over the place! -- Be careful now, don't slip... 

Meanwhile... it's been a quiet day, SO far...

And despite the fact that [the about to be] said cerebral activity has been known to incite severe neurological damage, I've been "thinking"....

Granted, it's only been a few day - but, you know, this "wood paneling" [my Page background] is beginning to aesthetically grow on me... I do believe I'll keep it. What do you think?

Oh, and "BONUS"... I actually do have a yarn mix or 2, that matches!!! [See below] 
Doesn't get any better than that, huh?

["BARN" and "RED"]

["BIRCH" and "IVORY"]

["ACORN" and "SALMON"]

Well, now that it's cooler, it's probably time that I got back to what I "do" - also the reason for the Blog! - and get back to finishing the Blanket I was in the middle of doing up before the heat had gotten to be a bit too much. No pics yet, but I will divulge, that at least one of the 2 colours I'm using is in the above photos. 

And that's ALL I'm going to say! Besides, where's the FUN, if I can't keep you guys on the Hook with suspense?!! Hmmm?

[Insert maniacal snickering]

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